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Indiana University and AFSCME Local 832
2000-01 and 2001-02 Agreement


Effective: July 1, 2000
Last Updated:

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University and a vote of the membership of AFSCME, Local 832, Indiana University Administration and the Officers of AFSCME Local 832 are agreeable to the following changes and/or modifications in the terms and conditions of employment for the fiscal years 2000-01and 2001-02.

  1. Wage Adjustment: Effective July 1, 2000, all appointed SM employees will receive a three and one-half percent (3.5%) pay adjustment rounded to the nearest cent per hour on the employee's current hourly rate of pay. For the 2001-2002 agreement, the parties agreed to a wage re-opener.

  2. Introduction: Add a provision to the third paragraph as follows: "Should the department issue new or change existing procedure, the department and the union shall meet to attempt to resolve any questions or concerns prior to implementation." Also, in the second sentence of the same paragraph, revise "applicable personnel" to Service Maintenance employees.

  3. Policy 2.7, Process for Recruitment and Selection: Revise the 2nd sentence in paragraph b.9 as follows: "When Service Maintenance facilities are shut down and Service Maintenance employees are given preference for working Housing, they will be paid the rate for the job they are performing at the same relative step of the pay rate for the employee's regular position."

  4. Policy 2.8, Promotions and Transfers: Move paragraph A.6 to A.2 and revise as follows: "When a senior employee who meets the minimum qualifications is not selected, the hiring supervision shall notify the employee in writing of the decision and the related qualifications of the person selected that are significantly greater. All interviewees shall be notifies in writing of the decision. Any applicant interviewed is entitled to know the qualifications of the selected applicant, if requested."

  5. Policy 2.15, Absences with and without Pay, Paragraph A:
    1. Add to the opening statement in paragraph A.1, Reporting Absences, "All employees are expected to be at work on a regular basis and are personally responsible for reporting anticipated absences to their supervisor before they are scheduled to begin the workday."

    2. Remove paragraph A.1.b, which requires notification of Human Resources of an absence, and renumber subsequent paragraphs.

  6. Policy 2.16, Overtime:

    1. Add to Section C a new paragraph providing the following guidelines for earned compensatory time: "Accumulations of compensatory time should not exceed 80 hours. Compensatory time will be taken at a mutually agreeable date and should be scheduled during the calendar year in which it was earned. Any compensatory time amounts in excess of 80 hours at the start of the first pay period after January 1st shall be paid or scheduled off at the discretion of the department." Remove all references that compensatory time should be used within six months.

    2. Revise paragraph C.7 on the 16-hour rule clarifying that emergency rest time is earned only for hours worked in excess of 16 hours, and not for hours when the employee is off the job between assignments. The parties agreed to place a 16-hour cap on the amount of emergency rest time that can be earned at any one time. Should the emergency cause the employee to continue to work beyond 32 hours without adequate rest of 8 hours off the clock, each hour after 32 hours will be paid at a rate twice the employee's regular rate of pay. See attached for examples.

  7. Policy 3.1, Job Evaluations, Position Classifications: Add to A.4 new paragraph c, stating "If Human Resources feels that the duties of a position support changing its classification to a different functional group, the Classification staff will inform the union president or designee and consider an information that the union submits, before making its decision."

  8. Policy 5.1, Holidays: Add to Section B a new paragraph 7, stating: "An employee whose regular day off is both the observed and the legal holiday, will receive eight (8) hours off with pay at a mutually agreeable date except that it must be used by the end of the last full pay period in December of the next year and is not paid if not used."

  9. Policy 5.2, Sick: Remove paragraph D on use of sick leave when an employee has not accumulated 20 sick leave days at least once.

  10. Policy 6.4, Corrective Action: Add to paragraph D.5 the following: "Provided that there has been no corrective action for attendance related problems during the previous 12-month period, any staff incident report dealing with attendance problems will be removed from the files after one year."

  11. Policy 6.5, Grievance and Complaint Resolution:

    1. Add to Stage 1 of the grievance procedure the statement, "An attempt will be made to settle a problem or complaint at this stage by an informal meeting between the grievant and/or a union representative and management at the level at which the complaint arose. If a resolution is reached at this stage, the union may request the settlement in writing."

    2. Add to Stage I and II the statement, "Management is encouraged to consult with Employee Relations prior to issuing a formal response to a grievance."

    3. Revise grievance procedure for terminations as follows:
      1. Revise the 1st sentence in Stage I as follows: The problem or complaint shall be taken to the immediate supervisor except that a termination (remove "with notice") shall be regarded as a final decision of Settlement Stage I and subject to the conditions of Settlement Stage II (if the employee desires to appeal), or appealed to a higher stage with the mutual agreement of the parties."

      2. Remove paragraph E.5 on suspensions pending discharge.

    4. Replace paragraph E.5 with the following: "A grievance may be filed at a higher stage with the mutual agreement of Employee Relations and the grievant and/or the union."

    5. Remove paragraph E.11 on corrective actions consistent with the agreed upon language to Corrective Action, Policy 6.4, paragraph D.5 (#10 above).

    6. Revise paragraph D, Settlement Stage IV, 2nd paragraph: replace "ten (10) days" with "fifteen (15) working days"..., increasing the number of days to file for arbitration.

    7. Add as paragraph E, mediation procedures (attached) previously established in 1992. Renumber the following paragraphs.

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