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Local 832 1998-99 and 1999-2000 Agreement

Effective: July 1, 1998
Last Updated:

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University and a vote of the membership of AFSCME, Local 832, Indiana University Administration and the Officers of AFSCME Local 832 are agreeable to the following changes and/or modifications in the terms and conditions of employment for the fiscal years 1998-99 and 1999-2000.

  1. Wage Adjustment. Effective July 1, 1998, all appointed SM employees will receive a three and one-half percent (3.5%) pay adjustment rounded to the nearest cent per hour on the employee's current hourly rate of pay.

    For 1999-2000, the parties agreed to a wage re-opener.

  2. Policy 2.7 Process for Recruitment and Selection. Amend Paragraph B.5. to provide selection criteria for filling service maintenance positions. These factors are the same as those listed in Policy 2.8, Paragraphs A.1. and Paragraphs B.1. governing promotion and transfer decisions of service maintenance employees.

  3. Policy 2.8 Promotions and Transfers and Policy 7.2, Article 5.K. Amend Policy 2.8, Paragraphs A.8., A.9., D., and E., and amend Policy 7.2, Article 5.K. reducing the trial period following a promotion or transfer from 90 calendar days to 60 calendar days from the employee's effective start date.

  4. Policy 2.10 Probationary Period.

    1. Amend Paragraphs A.1. and A.3. changing the University Probationary period from 120 calendar days to four (4) months.
    2. Amend Paragraph A.1. to provide that continuous and full time hourly service will count towards fulfilling the new probationary period if it is in the same occupational unit and the same job classification or work.

  5. Policy 2.12 Seniority. Amend Paragraph B.1.c, occupational units, #7, combining the occupational units listed under Bookstore into one occupational unit. It was further agreed that the parties will review and update the complete list of occupational units contained in Paragraph B. This work is to be completed within 30 days of the effective date of this agreement.

  6. Policy 5.1 Holidays: Regular, Campus, and Bonus. Amend Paragraph C.2. to provide that any appointed employee required to work on either Martin Luther King Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving, in addition to their regular pay, will receive either an equivalent amount of time off or pay. The choice of time off or pay will be the employee's. The scheduling of the time off will be on a mutually agreeable date.

  7. Policy 5.9 Funerals. Amend Paragraph A. adding step parent and step grandparent to the list of family members for which an appointed staff member may utilize funeral leave.

  8. Policy 6.4 Corrective Action.

    1. Amend Paragraph D.1., adding that management shall advise the employee of his/her right to union representation at all stages of corrective action.
    2. Amend Paragraph D.3., by joining the last two sentences into one as follows: Where the safety of persons or security of property is threatened or to prevent disruption of the workplace, the employee may be required to immediately leave the work site.

  9. Policy 6.11 Computer Usage. Create new policy governing an employee's use of campus computers. Specifically, employees may utilize the computers intended for public use, excluding campus clusters, during the employee's own time including prior to and following their assigned work shifts, as well as during any unpaid meal period. Employees are not permitted to utilize these public computers during any paid working time including break periods.

  10. Policy 7.2 Articles of Cooperation. Amend Policy 7.2, adding new Article 5.S., to state: Recognized employee organizations' chief executive officer and the next highest ranking officer shall be issued IU emergency parking plaques. Plaques shall be transferable to any executive board officer conducting business of the organization.

  11. The Parties agree to continue to provide time to AFSCME at the end of new employee orientation to discuss the union organization.

  12. Joint Committee. The parties agree to create a committee to study ways to reduce workers' compensation costs, reduce unscheduled absenteeism through combined time off plans, and direct dollars saved from these reductions toward extending retiree health insurance coverage. The University and AFSCME will each appoint four representatives to serve on the committee. Preliminary ground rules include: 1) The Committee will be convened within 30 days of the effective date of this agreement. 2) Information will be supplied when requested. 3) Recommendations are due by April 1, 1999 in preparation for negotiations. 4) Should no agreement be reached, the policies in place will remain unchanged.

  13. Joint Committee. The parties agree to create a committee to review special pay premiums such as high pay, long hours pay, call back pay, etc, with the goal of developing a comprehensive approach to such premiums. The University and AFSCME will each appoint three representatives to serve on the committee. Preliminary ground rules include: 1) The committee will be convened within 30 days of the effective date of this agreement. 2) Recommendations will be due by April 1, 1999 in preparations of negotiations.

  14. Reference Policy 5.2 Sick Leave. It is the university's intent to establish a university-wide group to study and recommend a program to address the issue of assisting employees with no leave accumulation when they are suffering from a serious illness. AFSCME will be a part of this group.

Accepted and Agreed

For the American Federation of State,
County, and Municipal Employees, Local 832
  For Indiana University
Michael Donovan, 7/7/98   Maurice Smith, 7/7/98
Dave Hohnke, 7/7/98   Suzanne Ryan, 7/7/98

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