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Local 832 1996-97 Agreement

Last Updated: Effective July 1, 1996

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University and a vote of the membership of AFSCME, Local 832, Indiana University Administration and the Officers of AFSCME Local 832 are agreeable to the following changes and/or modifications in the terms and conditions of employment for the fiscal year 1996-97.

  1. Wage Adjustment - Effective July 1, 1996, all appointed SM employees who were in an appointed SM position prior to July 1, 1996, will receive a four percent (4%) pay adjustment rounded up to the nearest cent per hour on the employee's current hourly rate of pay.

  2. Policy 2.9 Time Clocks - Amend section E to clarify that police officers are not required to use time clocks to record their hours of work.

  3. Policy 2.10 Probationary Period for Police Officers - Amend section 1(A) to clarify that the probationary period for police officers is one year.

  4. Policy 6.5 Grievance/Complaint Resolution - Amend Settlement Stages I, II, III, IV to extend the period that the parties have to present and resolve grievances at these Stages.

  5. Wage Progression - All employees hired into a SM appointed position, excluding police officers, on or after July 1, 1996 will be paid at the entry rate in effect on July 1, 1995 and progress according to the following schedule:

    Employees who have worked fifty-two (52) weeks shall receive an increase to ninety percent (90%) of the full base rate currently in effect for the job classification

    Employees who have worked one hundred four (104) weeks shall be paid the full base currently in effect for the job classification.

    For purposes of applying this provision "worked" means any week that the employee was in pay status in a SM or FS appointed position or on an approved leave in accordance with the provisions of the Family and Medial Leave Act of 1993. In the event an employee who was hired on or after July 1, 1996 has not reached the full base rate and transfers to any other job classification with a different full rate, the employee must still complete the balance of the 104 week wage progression.

    This provision does not apply to anyone who was in an appointed SM or FS position before July 1, 1996 and transfers or is promoted to a different position. Such employees shall be covered by the wage progression previously in effect based on their date of hire. Furthermore, this policy does not replace or alter the salary schedule for police officers in its present form.

  6. Reduction In Force Reopener - The University retains the right to reopen the 1996 discussions with AFSCME, Local 832 by giving a thirty (30) day advance notification for the purpose of solely addressing the order of bumping in the event of a Reduction in Force.

  7. Safety Shoes - The Joint Safety Committee will meet and determine which employees shall be required to wear safety shoes and the annual allowance that will be provided by the University.

  8. Policy 2.13 Reduction In Force Recall List Retention - Amend Section V to provide that employees will be retained on the layoff list for 18 months or until re-employed, if sooner than 18 months, provided the employee notifies Human Resources in writing at the end of 12 months that the employee wishes to remain on the reduction in force list.

  9. Policy 2.6 Distribution of Job Listing - Amend Section B to provide that job listings will be posted in appropriate job locations within 48 hours of distribution.

  10. Policy 2.7 Withdrawal of Initial Job Posting - A new section is added to this policy to provide that if a department determines to proceed with filling a position that has been listed over 120 days ago, the job will be relisted in accordance with the terms of this Policy. An exception has been made for the IUPD under certain circumstances.

  11. Policy 2.8 Job Postings Locations - Amend sections A and B to provide that when a position may be filled either by a promotion or transfer from within the occupational unit, the vacancy shall be made known to all employees within the occupational unit regardless of their work location.

  12. Policy 2.16 Overtime CTC Employees - Amend section B(2) to provide that employees in the CTC program will not be assigned to work scheduled overtime until all qualified appointed SM employees have been asked to work. This does not apply to continuation overtime, i.e. overtime that occurs before or after an employee's regular scheduled shift.

  13. Policy 2.21 Personnel Policies - A new section has been added, Section B(3) which provides that letters of commendation will be included in employee personnel files.

  14. Policy 2.16 Emergency Overtime for Police Officers - Amend section C(7) to provide that police officers are covered by this provision. However, any compensating time earned by IUPD employees in accordance with this provision will be scheduled and used when campus safety and security will not be effected.

  15. Joint Committee on Competitiveness - The parties agree to create and have signed a memorandum of understanding concerning a Joint Committee on Competitiveness with the objective of maintaining the vitality of the work force and University provided services by addressing issues of efficiency and competitiveness. This Joint Committee will include four permanent members, two appointed by the University and two appointed by AFSCME, Local 832. Other members will be selected by each side from the departments where issues of noncompetitiveness or inefficiency have been identified.. Additionally, the parties will meet annually, either in January or February, for comprehensive discussion on preserving the competitiveness of the SM work force.

  16. Policy 2.19 Maximum Terminal Pay for Accumulated Vacation - Section A(4) is amended to provide that any unused vacation or honorary vacation that an employee is otherwise entitled to payment upon termination will no longer be reduced by any vacation or honorary vacation that is taken during the year of termination.

  17. Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Medical Examinations - Employees who require CDL certification must obtain such certification from the IU Health Center. If an employee is denied such certification from the IU Health Center, the employee may seek such certification from the employee's own private doctor at the employee's expense. If there is a conflict in the opinions of the two physicians, the employee will be required to see a third doctor selected by the University. The opinion of the third doctor will be accepted by the parties and will be paid by the University.

  18. Policy 2.18 - High Pay for Tree Trimmers. Add a new section which clarifies that tree trimmers who free climb over 15 feet are entitled to high pay at the rate of .75 per hour or 10% of the employee's hourly rate, whichever is larger.

Memorandum of Understanding

During the 1996 discussions, the parties discussed the need for the University to continue to provide competitive services in order to maintain employment. University Personnel Policy 2.1 provides that the University will, under specified circumstances, notify AFSCME Local 832 whenever it intends to contract work to an outside provider or determines to no longer manage or provide services. To meet the spirit of this policy, and strive to maintain the vitality of our work force and the services we offer, the University and AFSCME Local 832 will meet at least twice annually to discuss issues of efficiency and competitiveness. Additionally, this forum will be the means by which AFSCME Local 832 may discuss the effects of a reduction of force if it is the direct result of outsourcing of work or discontinuation of services

The Competitiveness discussions should include four permanent members, two appointed by AFSCME Local 832 and two by the University. The Committee will be jointly chaired by the President of AFSCME Local 832 and the University Director of Employee Relations. Other members will be selected by each side from the departments where issues of noncompetitiveness or inefficiency have been identified.

The parties will meet annually, during January or February of each year, to have a more comprehensive discussion focused on preserving the competitiveness of the SM work force. This may include an examination of specific services or works that are or have the potentials to be noncompetitive, and ways to restore or enhance productivity and cost effectiveness. For this meeting the Competitiveness Group will be expanded to include the AFSCME Local 832 Officers and Executive Committee and the appropriate University Directors. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed at the request of either party.

Nothing in this memorandum will be construed to limit the rights of the University as provided under Personnel Policy 2.1. Further, this memorandum and Committee participation will not be interpreted to either diminish or expand any rights that AFSCME Local 832 currently has to pursue grievances on behalf of their members.

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