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7.6C IU South Bend and AFSCME Local 1477-01 2003-2005 Agreement

Last Updated: July 2007

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University and a vote of the membership of AFSCME Local 1477-01, the Indiana University administration and the Officers of AFSCME Local 1477- 1 are agreeable to the following changes and modifications in the terms and conditions of employment.

  1. Effective July 1, 2003, all appointed Service Maintenance employees will receive a 2.0% increase rounded to the nearest cent per hour on the current hourly rate of pay. Consistent with the two year agreement, discussions for 2004-05 will be limited to wage distribution only.
  2. Budget. Indiana University will provide the President of AFSCME Local 1477-01 a copy of the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2003, as soon as it is published.
  3. Corrective Action, Policy 6.8. The first sentence of Paragraph D.5. will be rewritten as follows:
  4. Employees shall be provided copies of corrective action taken against them. A copy of such corrective action shall also be placed in the employee’s personnel file within 14 days from the disciplinary action.

  5. Problem-Grievance Resolution Procedure, Policy 6.5. The last sentence of the third paragraph in Section E, Level Three, will be revised as follows:
  6. The university will provide the grievant and the authorized union representative with a written summary of the university’s position, including prospective witnesses, within five (5) working days . . ..

    After the phrase “authenticate proposed exhibits” in paragraph 3a of Section E, Arbitration, add the following phrase:

    exchange witness lists.

  7. Holidays, Policy 5.1. Any employee who lost unused holidays as the result of not using them before the end of the last full pay period in December, 2002, will receive payment for the lost holidays. The administration will make certain that employees are aware of the policy so that they can schedule the use of holidays that they have worked in order to avoid any further such cases.
  8. Safety and Security Department Protocols. The Director of the department will request suggestions from the employees and then meet with the staff of the department, the union steward in the department, and the President and Vice President of Local 1477-01 to develop protocols for such issues as who is in charge when police powers need to be exercised and replacing police officers when one is absent from work. An update will be provided at the July, 2003, Labor- Management meeting.
  9. Break Room in Northside Hall. The Facilities Management administration and President of Local 1477-01 will continue to work together to find a suitable space for breaks as a replacement for the Green Room.
  10. Funerals, Policy 5.7. Paragraph B. will be revised to provide for one occurrence in a calendar year.
  11. Overtime, Policy 2.15. The last sentence of paragraph C.1.b. will be revised as follows:
  12. Compensating time accumulations should not exceed 80 hours and should be used within six months of the date earned.

  13. Adverse Weather Conditions. The HVAC systems will be left on in campus buildings. The administration will monitor the cost and effectiveness of this action.
  14. Union Time. The provision contained in the minutes of the January 30, 1998, Labor-Management meeting will be made a part of this agreement. Namely, it is agreed that the union president will have one hour per day to be available to the represented SM employees in the AFSCME office. If the president is not able or available to be in the union office during the designated time, the vice president will perform this function. The union is to provide the administration with a schedule.
  15. Orientation of New Employees. At the end of each Orientation Program for new employees, AFSCME Local 1477-01 will be given the opportunity to meet the new SM employees and provide them information about the union. (Note: This provision was amended in the 2007 agreement. See Appendix 7.2, Article 5.F and Appendix 7.6F.)
  16. Training of Employees. Newly hired Custodians will normally be trained in the operation of equipment by the department’s management including the General Supervisors. Equipment vendors are expected to conduct periodic training for existing employees.
  17. Joint Labor/Management Training. The AFSCME District Council Representative and the South Bend Human Resources Director will select an individual or organization to provide joint labor/management training for the management and General Supervisors of the campus and the stewards and officers of Local 1477-01. A series of sessions which the university will pay for will be planned for the next several months to address such issues as the role of each and communications, with the goal of improving relationships.
  18. Health Care Plans. Dan Rives, Associate Vice President for University Human Resource Services, will meet at least twice annually with campus administration and the officers of AFSCME Local 1477-01 to discuss issues regarding health care plans at South Bend. The first meeting will occur this summer.
  19. Shift Premiums, Policy 2.15. The shift premiums in paragraph F.1. will be increased by one cent per hour to $ .36 for regularly scheduled shifts that begin between 11:30 a.m. and 7:59 p.m. and $ .46 for regularly scheduled shifts that begin between 8:00 p.m. and 3:59 a.m.
  20. Workweek Schedules for Custodians. It is the intention of the university administration that the next two Custodian positions filled will be posted with a Tuesday through Saturday schedule. Current employees will be given the chance to choose these positions under the Shift Preference policy when they are posted. The current hourly, part-time employee will be moved to the Tuesday through Saturday schedule as an interim step.
  21. Parking Tags for Union Business. When Service Maintenance employees begin working in the Ironwood Building, union officers who have purchased A tags will be given two hang tags that will enable them to park in spaces designated for university vehicles, except the space for the Chancellor’s car, as the result of performing union business.
  22. Uniforms, Policy 2.9. Revise paragraph C.3. as follows:
  23. Safety and Security employees are responsible for the return of uniforms upon termination or when otherwise no longer needed. Other employees are not required to return their uniforms.

    Add a new provision as paragraph C.5 in this policy:

    Short pants are an acceptable part of the Facilities Management uniform except where safety concerns exist, such as with the handling of chemicals.

  24. Consultant Study of Facilities Management. The university will ask the consultant who is reviewing Facilities Management operations to make recommendations to include staffing levels, management structure, including the ratio of supervisors to staff, and the efficiency of operations. A copy of the report will be given to the union and discussed in a labor-management meeting. Ultimately, it is up to the Chancellor to implement any recommendations of the consultant.
  25. Food Services Crew Leader. The classification of Food Services Crew Leader has been established. The increased pay for the incumbent in this position will be retroactive to April 13, 2003, six weeks prior to May 25, 2003.
  26. Advertising Job Openings, Policy 2.6. The following sentence will be added to paragraph A:
  27. Once it is determined by the administration to fill a vacant position, it will promptly be posted for bid as provided herein.

  28. Attendance Program. The attached attendance program will be implemented July 1, 2003. Application of the program will be based only on incidents after that date. (Note: This attachment was moved to Appendix 7.8 and amended in the 2007 agreement. See Appendix 7.8 and Appendix 7.6F.)

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