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7.6B AFSCME Local 1477-01 2001 - 2003 Agreement

Last Updated: July 2001

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

  1. Effective July 1, 2001, all employees covered by this Agreement will receive a 3.5% increase rounded to the nearest cent. Consistent with the 2-year agreement, discussions for 2002-03 will be limited to wages only.
  2. The university will re-key the Union office while continuing master-key override with limited key distribution.
  3. Departments will post updated overtime/seniority lists and provide copies to AFSCME President.
  4. Policy 2.10 New Employee Evaluation Period: A newly hired police officer who possesses current Indiana State police officer certification at the time of hire will serve an 8-month new employee evaluation period.
  5. Policy 5.1 Holidays: A provision will be added to reflect the agreement reached in Labor-Management Committee to pay time and one-half on the hours worked in a 10-hour day when an employee is required to work a premium holiday.
  6. Policy 5.5 Adverse Weather/Working Conditions: Procedures for staff notification of closing and reopening the South Bend campus will be added to the policy.
  7. The AFSCME President or designee will be provided 10 days unpaid to attend official union functions.
  8. Add to 2.4 Outside Contractors: A new provision will be adopted providing advance notification to AFSCME when a reduction in positions will occur as a result of outsourcing.
  9. Policy 5.7 Funerals: The policy will be revised to include grand-parents and grand-parents in-law in the 3-day funeral leave provision of paragraph A; to add step relatives of the same degree; and to limit to one occurrence in a 12-month period, the current provision of up to four hours paid time off to attend the funeral of other relative or close family friend.
  10. Policy 6.4 Separations: The policy will be revised to remove provision denying terminal vacation pay to employees who fail to give notice, to reflect the practice.
  11. Policy 7.7C, 1999-2001 Agreement, Midnight Paycheck Delivery: This provision will be removed, the result of which is that paychecks will no longer be released at 7:00 a.m. on the Friday payday.

The attached Memorandum of Understanding summarizes the understanding of the Parties on several unresolved issues at the conclusion of our negotiations. It is also the intent of either of the Parties to raise any concerns or unresolved issues to the Labor-management committee.

Memorandum of Understanding

  1. Snow Removal: The Custodial staff will be responsible for snow removal at the locations designated on the May 30, 2001 facilities list at start of the employee's shift, after the lunch break, and as assigned by the supervisor as conditions warrant. The union still needs to review the facilities list and verify with Randy Landsberg.
  2. The university will make a good faith effort to look for used furniture that may be available from other campus departments, to update the furniture in the Green Room. If no used furniture is available, then representatives of the university and AFSCME will discuss.
  3. The university will place a sign on the door of the refrigerator in the Green Room stating the refrigerator is for Service Maintenance employee use only. If this creates other unforeseen problems, the parties will re-review this issue.
  4. The university will continue to work to address AFSCME's concerns on distinguishing the differences between the SMOK and the SMON jobs, and emphasizing the additional duties and requirements of a Policy Officer.
  5. The personnel policy manual will be updated to reflect both Service maintenance and Food Service employees on the South Bend campus.

Accepted and Signed

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Last updated: July 2001
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