Policies for Temporary Employees

Injury on-the-Job
Temporary 5.2

Effective January 1, 2003

This policy applies to all Temporary employees.

A. Policy

Temporary employees are covered under the state Workers' Compensation law for on the job injuries and are eligible to receive benefits under that law.

Procedure 5.2 Reporting and treatment of an on-the-job injury

  1. Employees must report immediately any and all on-the-job injuries to their supervisor or designee, regardless of whether medical attention is sought. Failure to report an injury on the same day of occurrence-or in the case of cumulative trauma, when the employee becomes aware of the symptoms may result in denial of a claim by Worker's Compensation.

  2. Supervisors must report an injury on the Occupational Injury-Illness Report form within 24 hours, regardless of whether the injury required professional medical attention or resulted in lost time. The form can be obtained from Worker's Compensation.
    1. Except at Bloomington and IUPUI, supervisors are to send the form to the campus human resources office. The campus human resources office must submit all reports to Worker's Compensation in Bloomington.

    2. Supervisors on the Bloomington campus are to send the form directly to Worker's Compensation. If treatment is sought, the supervisor must also complete the Employer Authorization for Treatment form prior to or at the time treatment is sought.

    3. Supervisors on the IUPUI campus are to send the Employer Authorization for Treatment form to Occupational Health Services.

  3. The university has the choice of the attending physician for treatment of on-the-job injuries. On the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses, the employees follow the procedures for appointed employees and must go to the designated health facilities for treatment of the injury. Employees on other campuses should follow the procedures established for their campus.

    1. An employee may not be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits if she/he:

      1. Does not seek medical treatment for an injury that results in lost time

      2. Seeks treatment from a source other than the designated medical care providers

  4. Before leaving the treatment location, employees must obtain and provide to their supervisor, a physician's statement regarding the employee's return-to-work status.

    1. If the attending physician gives the employee work restrictions and the university can provide work within the restrictions, the employee is not entitled to receive the temporary total disability benefits of the state Workers' Compensation law.

  5. In cases where an employee is exposed to another person's tissue, blood, or fluid, the employee should contact the campus human resources office and the Biosafety Officer of the Biosafety Committee regarding the procedure to follow.

    1. On all campuses, a copy of the Occupational Injury-Illness Report form is to be sent to the Biosafety Officer of the Biosafety Committee.

  6. All employees' lost time as a result of on-the-job injury must be reported to Worker's Compensation.

  7. Worker's Compensation will determine if the employee is eligible for the lost wages benefit of Indiana's Workers' Compensation law.

  8. Questions regarding the amount of payment and claims procedures should be directed to Worker's Compensation.

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