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February 2016



HR Policies Have a New Home!

Over the past few years, Indiana University has been in the process of placing all university-wide policies on a single, searchable website. On February 1, University Human Resources finished transitioning its policies to the site.

As with any move, it’s important to have a fresh start once you get there, so we used this as an opportunity to clear our clutter. Over the past year, we worked hard to consolidate 169 HR policies that were otherwise duplicated. For example, the four Holiday policies from each Staff employee group (see below) were consolidated into a single Holiday policy that is now applicable to all Staff employees. The total number of similar repeated HR policies has been reduced from 169 to 92. Hurrah! But wait, there’s more. We also applied a university template and new format to the policies that is neat, clean, and organized.

We think you’ll find the HR policies’ new home to be a welcoming place where you can easily find what you’re looking for. You might enjoy browsing policies in other IU areas such as Financial, Information & IT, and more.

The four employee groups whose policies were consolidated are: AFSCME Service, AFSCME Police, CWA, and Professional Staff and Support and Service Staff not Covered by a Union.



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