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February 2016


HR Today: A Peek Under the Hood

Before embarking on our first issue of HR Today, we turned to to learn the specifics of creating an online newsletter. is a web-based video education service and is free to IU employees and students.

We found these courses helpful:

  • Creating an HTML Newsletter
  • Effective HTML Email and Newsletters
  • Responsive Web Design with Dreamweaver CC
  • Mobile Web Design & Development Fundamentals

Ever since the first issue of this newsletter, we’ve received questions from readers asking how we create it. By popular demand, here are the nuts-and-bolts of how we make HR Today.


The question most often asked is, “What software do you use?” We use Adobe Dreamweaver, a web design program that combines a visual design interface and a code editor. This means you don’t need to know HTML because the program will write and edit it for you. If you do know HTML, you’ll probably enjoy digging into the code and doing your own thing.

We create two versions of HR Today: one for email and one for the web. The email version is “old school” in that it uses tables for the layout. (This is because email programs don’t handle modern web design very well.) The web version uses the latest in responsive design, resulting in a nice look on any device.


The images in each issue are either hand drawn or stock art. Adobe Fireworks is our go-to program for creating and editing images. Fireworks is a flexible program that offers the capabilities of both a photo editor (e.g. Photoshop) and a drawing program (e.g. Illustrator). Fireworks is designed specifically to create and edit imagery for on-screen viewing which is low resolution.

Both Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks are free for IU employees through IUWare.


Once the HR Today is ready to go, we send it to IU Communications’ Email Development & Distribution service to send the newsletter to you. This part of it is fairly straightforward--we fill out the request form and upload the files. However, we suggest that you first consult with the service to understand the process and to help get you started.

There’s much more to creating a newsletter than we’ve described here, but we hope this gives you a good little peek under the hood of HR Today.


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