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February 2016


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Hello and Happy 2016! At the start of the new year, many of us in Human Resources picked up right where we left off: retiring the Online Job Application (OLA) and replacing it with a new applicant and tracking system. PeopleAdmin is now the gateway for IU campuses, departments, and applicants. It was a seamless, successful launch on January 25! The awesome starting place is Jobs at IU.

You won’t find the word “resolutions” in this issue. The fact that it’s 2016 is really just a convenient marker. Research indicates that the New Year’s resolution approach is contradictory to how change happens and how we form new habits. Our sponsored programs such as Weight Talk and Quit for Life are based on research that teaches you how to make change--not to just stop doing something. Take Jennifer James, for example, featured in this issue. She finished Weight Talk at the end of the year and continues to lose weight now that she knows what to do.

We strive to keep HR Today fresh and upbeat, and we hope our readers find it useful. A few frequently asked questions are, "How do you create this newsletter?" "What software do you use?" So by popular demand we give you the answer in "HR Today: A Peak Under the Hood." Have a look!

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