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February 2016


iconThe IRS, ACA, and You

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most Americans to have minimum essential health coverage. On January 15, IU sent an email notice to individuals who will be receiving IRS information form 1095-C.

Who:  Anyone who was a full-time employee or enrolled in an IU health plan in 2015.
What: Form 1095-C is really a statement. There is nothing to complete. It contains the supporting documentation you will need to file personal income taxes.
When: You will receive this form from IU no later than March 31, 2016.
Where: The form will be sent to your home address (not available online).
Why: The IRS requires individuals to have proof of health insurance offers and enrollment.

What else: Contact a tax advisor for specific questions.

For more information visit IU Human Resources 1095-C FAQ page and IRS FAQ page.

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