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HR2020 logoHR2020: The Results Are In and We Can’t Wait to Deliver!

It all started in October 2015. A strategic initiative to look how HR can better deliver processes that are nimble and adaptive to meet the changing needs of our employees and the institution. We involved almost 300 HR practitioners from across the university at all phases of the project—from surveys and focus groups to recommendations and strategy sessions. Over the past several months, we moved forward with the outcomes and recommendations of the IU HR community. As a result, we organized HR into three distinct parts: HR Operations, Centers of Expertise, and HR Business Partners.

The Centers of Expertise, or COEs, will be the experts that help design and implement plans, programs, and policies in the areas of Compensation, Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Talent and Organizational Development, Employee and Labor Relations, and Healthy IU.

HR Operations will include a customer service care center to assist employees and departments with HR questions, processes, and procedures.

HR Business Partners are dedicated to specific departments, schools or campuses and work directly with the employees and leaders of those groups to identify areas where HR can help the units create an engaging workplace while accomplishing their goals.

The organization structures for HR Operations and the Centers of Expertise have recently been completed and can be found at the HR2020 web site.

Our next phase of HR2020 includes efforts to create greater consistency with the HR Business Partner positions throughout IU and to fully implement the new HR Operations group and the Centers of Expertise.

Stay tuned!


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