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February 2016


travel iconsFree Travel Assistance

All IU Travel Assistance programs offer similar types of services to assist you before and during your travels.

Before traveling you can receive help with:

  • Passport, Visa, immunization requirements
  • Weather and travel advisories
  • Consular and embassy referrals
  • Foreign exchange rates

After arriving, travel assistance will help you:

  • Locate, access, coordinate medical care providers
  • Make medically necessary travel arrangements for yourself and others
  • Report and replace lost or stolen items, including medications
  • Send messages to family, friends, co-workers

See what's available for you:

Full-time Academic and Staff employees
You automatically have United Healthcare Global Travel Assistance, a program included in Basic Life Insurance paid for by IU. If you have Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) you are also covered by Cigna Secure Travel.
Fellowship Recipients, Graduate Assistants, and Postdoc Fellows
You have EA Travel Assistance through Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.
Medical Residents
You automatically have Assist America Global Emergency Services, a program included in Disability Insurance. If you have Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) you are also covered by Cigna Secure Travel.


keep calm it's summer timeTravel Advice

In wake of terror attacks over the past several months, you can expect increased scrutiny and more thorough bag searches at obvious places like airports, borders, and transportation hubs. Be prepared for increased security at major tourist venues, sporting events, government buildings, and commercial establishments such as shopping malls. How can you minimize a potentially stressful experience? Allow ample time when traveling, be patient and calm during searches, and comply with instructions of authorities.


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