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February 2016


from the editorFrom the Editor

Greetings and salutations! By the time we publish the next edition of HR Today, thousands of happy IU graduates across the state will have moved their tassels and tossed their caps. This May, nearly 20,000 students systemwide will receive diplomas. Congratulations and best wishes to every graduate! Speaking of scholarly achievements, now is prime time to apply for the IU Tuition Benefit for yourself, spouse, or dependent in order to have it processed for the Fall 2016 semester.

Today, we’re excited to start a new series about ways to increase employee engagement. You can look forward to reading about all the creative ways Indiana University employees stay motivated and committed in their work and to IU. Our first spotlight features leadership women of IU Kokomo. We think you’ll enjoy their story and we hope to publish one of yours!

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