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May 2015


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Time Off is a Must

A vacation or staycation, it doesn't matter which, but one thing's for sure: time off is a must.

According to an article by MarketWatch (published by Dow Jones & Co.), Americans are taking only half of their paid vacation. On top of that, of those who do take time off, many continue to work while on vacation. This is ironic because taking a vacation can do amazing things for our physical and mental health. And more to the point: Taking a vacation can make you even better at your job. This is borne out by research about brain activity, creativity, and leadership.

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Another benefit of taking time off is its positive effect on personal and familial relationships. Vacations, or at least spending time together isolated from the daily routine (school, work, and so on), can strengthen ties and create lasting memories.

If you are resistant to taking time off (for whatever reason), consider the wise tips below.

  • Make a commitment to yourself first. If you often say you will use time off to take a vacation but never do, then start now. Make it a priority and keep it that way.
  • Request and block out the time well in advance. Protect that time as non-negotiable.
  • Don’t work yourself into a tizzy getting ready to leave but do finish projects or reach a logical stopping point so you’re not overwhelmed when you return.
  • The following is common knowledge but it has to be said: Disconnect from work, including email, while on vacation. Do not set the precedent that you are available by answering work correspondence.

Make it a goal to have pure, unadulterated downtime. You’re likely to have moments of creativity, connection and insight, so don’t forget a notebook to record all those great ideas!


July calendar

Independence Day Holiday

Since July 4 falls on a Saturday this year, the University observes Independence Day on July 3. Eligible employees are excused from work and receive pay for July 3.

Questions? See the personnel policies for your employee group or contact the campus HR office.



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