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May 2015


The Library is a Privilege and a Perk

booksUse of the University libraries is not just for faculty and students—it’s an employee privilege and a perk. Want to know why? We thought so!

  • You can borrow most material from the general collection for 4 months (120 days). Media have a shorter period.
  • You can borrow up to 125 items of general material and 10 media items.
  • With an IU network ID, you can use IUCAT (IU’s online catalog) to search for and request materials.
  • You can request free photocopies of material.
  • You can request material located at any IU library or from a non-IU library, i.e., interlibrary loan.
  • Librarians can help you navigate not just the physical shelves of the library but the internet as well. Ask a librarian on your campus for help.
“I'm a birder and I love to read about birds. Through IU I can access full-text articles from The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. Recently, I read about climate change and the shifting arrival dates of migratory birds.”

M. Potter,
IU employee
and avid birder

Examples of library awesomeness!

  • Watch a streaming video about everything from gardening, robots, and endangered seals to food safety and fitness. You can even see Johnny Guitar Watson in concert.
  • Read a full-text journal article (instead of an abstract) for in-depth information about subjects from A to Z: art, baseball, civil war, history, mass media, medicine, music, poetry, science, women, yoga, zazen, and so much more.
  • Find the voting record of a state legislator by contacting Government Publications.
  • Find and make a photocopy of the news headlines on the day you or a loved one was born.
  • Help your child with a school project by accompanying them to the library in-person or online at IUCAT.
  • Use Ancestry Library (similar in content as at no cost for genealogical exploration. (This service is only available on the Bloomington campus though any Indiana resident may visit a library on that campus and access the service.)


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