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March 2015


Campus Holiday for Staff Employees


IU Staff employees receive eight designated paid holidays a year and one "floating" holiday, the Campus Holiday. This holiday accrues on March 1 of each year and can be used on or after March 1.

The 2015 Campus Holiday must be taken before the end of the last full pay period in December 2016. For details, refer to the personnel policies for your employee group or contact the campus Human Resources office.

See also: Holidays for Staff Employees



Plan Ahead for Childcare Needs services range from babysitters and childcare centers to special needs and tutors. Closed schools, severe weather, and sick kids create special challenges when it comes to finding alternative childcare. Prepare for this in advance by putting together a plan.

  • If you don't already have a trusted emergency backup provider, you can look for one using, a free resource to IU employees. After creating an account at, you will be contacted by prescreened caregivers within 3 days. You can then review their profiles and request a background check. Even hiring and payment arrangements are done online.
    • Already have a account? Dial 855-781-1303 and select prompt 4 to speak to a care rep. Your account will be moved to the IU employer group and you will enjoy premium access at no cost.
  • Consider joining or starting a 'working parents' group to connect with others for resources and support. You may discover you can rotate days off or 'weather' days. Many parents groups are active on social media networks such as Facebook.
  • Ask your supervisor in advance for guidelines about last-minute work arrangements or telecommuting (working from home).


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