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March 2015


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Featured Perk

Popular Adobe Software at No Cost

Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the most popular software perks available to IU employees. This package is a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and more. View a complete list of applications included in Adobe Creative Cloud. Information about accessing this software and responsibilities for its use is at IU Knowledge Base.

If you're a fan of Adobe Creative Suite, it has been replaced by Creative Cloud. You can still download individual applications at Adobe software at IU.

Indiana University has agreements with a number of corporate vendors, allowing IU employees to receive special deals or discounts for purchases such as computers, devices, software, and cellular service plans. Many local retailers and businesses offer IU employee discounts as well; for example, restaurants, banks, fitness centers, and rental apartment companies.

Keep in mind that discounts may already be available to the general public so they may not in fact be exclusive to IU. Competitors may offer the same or a sweeter deal too.

Personal computer hardware and software

If your campus is not listed below, visit the website anyway. Many perks are available to all employees no matter their location.

Questions? Refer to the contact email listed on one of the above web pages, or ask a business beforehand if they provide discounts for IU employees.


FPOTravel Tips and Insider Info

Save on Personal Travel

If you’ve ever traveled on IU business, you may be aware that the trip always goes through IU Travel Management Services. That’s a great thing because they negotiate favorable rates from travel vendors (airlines, hotels, ground transportation). But did you know IU employees can also save on personal travel when using IU-preferred vendors?

Learn more at Travel Discounts page.

Free Travel Assistance

Full-time Academic and Staff employees automatically have MEDEX Travel Assistance, a program included in Basic Life Insurance paid for by IU. If you have Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), an optional benefit plan, you are also covered by Cigna Secure Travel. Both programs offer the same types of services shown below, with conditions depending on distance from home and time away.

Informational assistance

  • Passport, Visa, and immunization requirements
  • Weather and travel advisories
  • Consulate and embassy locations
  • Currency exchange rates

Assistance at your destination

  • Medical emergency support, including transportation to a facility 
  • Help with lost or stolen luggage, prescriptions, and travel documents (not replacement costs)
  • Emergency messaging and accessing funds


5 Things to Do in Advance

  1. Check expiration dates on all travel documents and forms of ID.
  2. Break in new shoes.
  3. Update operating systems on smart phones and other devices.
  4. Get adapters and converters for overseas travel.
  5. Order a special meal (vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, etc.) at least 24 hrs before departure.


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