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August 2015


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Note: This benefit applies to full-time Academic and Staff employees. The vision program for Graduate Appointees, Medical Residents, and Fellowship Recipients is different, so please see the plan booklet for details.

If you are receiving this newsletter, you are probably enrolled in an IU medical plan. But did you know this means you are also automatically enrolled in vision coverage? You are not paying extra for it either. We want to make sure you know about this benefit so you can use it for yourself and your family members.

The vision benefit has two exciting parts:

  • A routine eye exam every 12 months (for each enrolled member) with a co-pay
  • Vision wear (frames, lenses and contacts) and vision services with a co-pay and discounts

There are two vision networks. Regardless of the plan in which you are enrolled, the benefit is essentially the same.

  • Are you enrolled in a PPO plan? If so, you belong to the Blue View Vision network.
  • Are you enrolled in the IU Health HDHP plan? Then you belong in the EyeMed Vision network.

IU logo  Shout Out to IU School of Optometry Clinics

All participants with vision coverage can visit a full-service clinic and eye wear center operated by the IU School of Optometry: the Atwater Eye Care Center in Bloomington and the Indianapolis Eye Care Center.

The school hosts a Patient Education page where you can learn about the eye and eye disease and therapies.

Retail and Independent Providers

Employees have access to the retailers below. You can also visit an independent provider—an eye doctor at a private practice. But remember the rule about in-network services? An in-network provider usually pays more of a benefit. See the Vision Wear Benefit page for steps on how to find one.

  • 1-800 CONTACTS on the web
  • LensCrafters, Sears Opticals, Target Optical, JC Penny Optical, and most Pearl Vision stores

TIPIf you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) you can use it to pay for approved vision care. Yay!


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