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August 2015


Renting a Car for Personal Use?

Save Money with the IU Discount

In the March issue of HR Today, we published an article “Travel Tips and Insider Info.” One featured tip was about the availability of IU Travel Management Services for employees' personal travel, including discounts on airlines, hotels, and ground transportation. IU has partnerships with rental car vendors that offer discounts for both business and personal travel. After learning of the Enterprise partnership, a reader thanked us for that information. Check out the deal she enjoyed while on vacation.


I don’t rent cars very often but when I do, I try to use a travel discount website (Kayak, Hotwire, etc.) Even though I had just read in the HR Today newsletter about the rental car discounts for IU employees, I assumed it would not be as good a price as one from a discount site. Boy was I wrong.

The good deal I found became a great deal because the site allowed me to use the IU discount code for Enterprise. The deal got even better when I picked up the car. The agency manager explained that by using the IU code, I didn’t have to purchase the customary additional insurance. It was already included which meant yet an additional savings.

For a 7-day rental of an intermediate-level sedan I paid only $200.91.

Learn more at Travel Discounts page.


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