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August 2015


Don't Leave Money on the Table!

If you’re not familiar with the saying, Don't leave money on the table, it means to cut yourself short, or to let a financial good slip through your fingers. We don’t want to see this happen to you! Below are two 'small' programs that pack a punch.

Healthy IU logo$100 Incentive for Easy Peasy Screening

IU’s employee wellness program, Healthy IU, invites you to receive an annual free health screening and a $100 (before taxes) incentive. This offer extends to all full-time IU faculty and staff and their spouses or partners in an IU medical plan. The screening measures biometrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, and body mass index (BMI). Screenings can be done on campus or by your primary care physician. 

The screening is confidential. No personal health information is shared with Healthy IU or Human Resources. We don’t want to know your numbers but we do want to help you make informed lifestyle decisions based on an understanding of your overall health.

Option 1: Having the screening on an IU campus is free and convenient.

  • You don’t have to provide documentation to receive the incentive—it will automatically be added to your pay.

Option 2: If you have the screening by a primary care physician, you are responsible for any co-pays or deductibles. Choose which way to document your visit:

  • Print and take the Verification of Health Screening form to your appointment and then submit it to Healthy IU.
  • Wait until the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement is available and submit it to Healthy IU.

Visit Healthy IU for campus screening locations and details about the screening.


image of a graphLet’s Do This! Open an HSA Investment Account

Another program that packs a punch is the opportunity to open an investment account. Every employee with a Health Savings Account (HSA) is automatically enrolled in a cash account. Once that account reaches $1,000, you can start putting money in a separate investment account. Just so you know exactly what we’re talking about, here’s the scoop.

  • Cash account: The cash account is where the contributions go. You don’t have to set up the account—it is automatic when you enroll. This account earns interest and is FDIC insured and bank guaranteed—it’s a sure thing.
  • Investment account: This account is not automatic—you must request it. To open an investment account, you must have a balance of $1,000 in the cash account. The investments are mutual funds that are not insured or guaranteed. This account is still a potential gain and any earnings are tax-free!

Did you move your 2014 HSA balance from Chase to Nyhart?
In late 2014, employees enrolled in the PPO High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) were asked to move their HSA cash account balance from Chase to Nyhart. If you gave permission to do this, and you had an investment account, you need to create a new investment account—if you haven’t already done so that is. You need to select new investment options as well.

It's easy to open the account and select investments:

  • Log into the Nyhart website and click on Your Balances.
  • Select Manage Investments to create an investment account.
  • Be sure to check out the online tools and support.

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