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Reduction in Force

Indiana University aspires to provide stable, long-term employment. However, sometimes reducing the workforce is necessary. This happens when shortages of work or funds occur or when programs and needs change. Frequently, the university can make these personnel reductions through routine attrition such as retirement, promotion, and transfers.

If layoffs are necessary, IU follows an established policy that considers your length of service and your qualifications to perform available work. If you receive notice of a layoff please contact Human Resources immediately to discuss the Reduction in Force policy and employment opportunities.

Separation from the University

For voluntary separation, you are expected to give an advance notice of at least two weeks; for involuntary separation, the university determines the amount of notice you receive.

Staff employees may be eligible to receive separation pay for certain accrued holidays and time off when separating employment from the university. See the specific time off policy for details.


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