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Reduce Medical Premium Plan Year 2011

Note for 2012

The information on this page is for the remainder of 2011. The Tobacco-free Affidavit for 2012 will be available during Open Enrollment, November 7 - 18. Employees will be able to sign and submit the affidavit online when making their medical plan selection. $25 per month for an employee or spouse ($50 for both) who do not use tobacco will be deducted from the employee's contribution to the medical plan.


In 2011, an additional premium according to salary level was added to the base medical premium amount. Employees and covered spouses/domestic partners have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate this additional premium by completing specific activities that promote healthy behaviors and health improvement. If these activities are completed, the employee pays only the base premium amount.

Employees who have not completed a biometric screening can contact Human Resources for information about the opportunity to reduce their premium by completing this activity.

Calculating Actual Monthly Cost for Medical Coverage

Base Premium (monthly cost for medical plan)

+ Additional Premium (based on salary level)

- Reduction (full or partial depending on completion of activities)

= Actual monthly cost

How Much is the Additional Premium?

The additional monthly premiums for 2011 are listed below: 


Employee‘s Annual Base Salary

Additional Premium for Employee Coverage

Additional Premium for Spouse or Domestic Partner Coverage

Less than $30,000



$30,000 to $59,999



$60,000 to $119,999



$120,000 or more



Get Healthy Programs

IU provides two support programs to help employees and their covered spouses improve their health:



University Human Resources 812-855-1286 or

Page updated: 21 October 2011
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