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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 2018

Open Enrollment Has Closed – Now What?

Open Enrollment for most 2018 benefits has officially closed. Here’s how to wrap up your 2018 benefit elections and make sure you and your family are ready for 2018:

  • Check your email for benefit election confirmations and/or additional instructions. 
  • Complete TSB direct deposit form(s) and the HSA beneficiary information (if applicable).
  • Submit any required documentation, such as for new dependent coverage.
  • Check, confirm, and/or update beneficiaries for all your plans.
  • Dig a little deeper into our new Pharmacy Benefits Manager and the Rx plan.


This year, November 6 - 17, you have the opportunity to make enrollment changes in the following benefit plans:

This site provides information for consideration in changing or re-enrolling in these benefits, or enrolling for the first time. View the checklist for instructions on how and when to make benefit elections.

Enroll and Verify

From November 6 to 17, use the Open Enrollment area of to process your enrollment. After completing online enrollment, confirmation of your elections will be sent via IU email. Check your email confirmation carefully to verify your selections. If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation, the enrollment process was not completed. If you do not have internet access, contact IU Human Resources for assistance.

Effective Date and Changes

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to make election changes in the benefit plans listed above and to complete a Tobacco-free Affidavit. All Open Enrollment changes are effective January 1, 2018.

IRS regulations require that Open Enrollment benefit elections remain in place for the entire year unless you experience an IRS-defined Qualifying Life Event. Certain life events, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, allows a corresponding change to your elections, but only within 30 days of the event.

An exception is that you can make changes to your HSA contribution amount at any time during the year.

If you DO NOT make any enrollment elections during Open Enrollment:
Medical Plan Enrollment will remain the same.
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Dental Plan
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
Tobacco-free Affidavit You will NOT receive the Tobacco-free Incentive for 2018 for you and/or your spouse.
Tax Saver Benefit Health Reimbursement Account NO contributions will be deposited into your account and you will not be enrolled for 2018.
Tax Saver Benefit Dependent Care Reimbursement Account NO contributions will be deposited into your account and you will not be enrolled for 2018.


Page updated: October 2017

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