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October 2009 Issue No. 49
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Annual Open Enrollment • 2010 Health Care Plans • Online Open Enrollment • H1N1 Flu • IU HDHP PPO & Medical Savings Plan • Tobacco Use and Health • Wellness and Lifestyle Resources • Web Wise: Clarian HealthMedia • Tobacco-free Wellness Program • IU Tax Saver Benefit (TSB) Plan • What’s New for 2010? • 2010 Medical Premium Rates • Investment Basics • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage • Pandemic Emergency Policy

August 2009 Issue No. 48
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IU Voluntary Benefits Program • Pandemic Planning Tested During H1N1 Outbreak • Preventing Influenza • Tobacco Use and Health • Web Wise: University-wide Online Job Application • Campus Security and Crime Statistics

May 2009 Issue No. 47
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Eldercare Benefit • 24-Hour Nurseline • Committee on Healthcare Cost Containment • Tobacco Use and Health • Health Risk Assessment • Using Funds in the Tobacco-free Wellness HRA Account • FLSA Compliance for PAO and PAU Staff • New Online Application (OLA) for Staff Positions • AIG Valic and AUL No Longer Approved for IU TDA • Web Wise: IU Medical and Dental Plan Booklets • Tobacco-free Policy • Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer • Investment Fund Performance • Drug-Free Workplace • Notification of Medicaid/CHIP Special Enrollment Rights

February 2009 Issue No. 46
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Saving for Retirement in Turbulant Times • Federal Minimum Wage Increase • 2009 Open Enrollment Results • Tobacco Use and Health: Smoking and Women's Heart Risk • Verification of Employment Eligibility • Tobacco-free Wellness Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) • IU Tobacco Cessation Plan • Web Wise: Employee Self Service • Changes in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • ePTO Project • University OLA Project • INShape Indiana • 2009 Holidays for Staff Employees • Fidelity Announces New K Shares for IU Retirement Plans • Investment Fund Performance




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