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February 2012

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IU Announces Fidelity K Shares for IU-sponsored Retirement Plans

Effective March 7, 2012, the share class of 37 Fidelity investment options offered through IU-sponsored retirement plans will transition to Fidelity's K Share class. The K share class offers the same investment strategy and risk, but the overall expenses are lower. Listed below are some highlights of the Fidelity investment funds that will transition to K shares.

Note: The expense ratio is the annual operating expense for managing an investment fund. Lowering the expense ratio lowers the expenses for an investor.

Fund Name Current
Expense Ratio
K Share
Expense Ratio
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth .94% .75%
Fidelity Freedom Fund 2030 .75% .61%
Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock Fund .61% .42%
Fidelity Puritan Fund .60% .47%
Fidelity Dividend Growth Fund .93% .77%

See the full list of funds at


Annual Review

At least annually, it is recommended that retirement plan participants do the following:

  1. Review beneficiary designations at PERF, Fidelity or TIAA-CREF by logging into the account or by calling the retirement services company.
  2. Ensure home address is current in One Start.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a TIAA-CREF and/or Fidelity counselor for an investment review.
TIAA CREF 800-842-2776
Fidelity 800-343-0860
PERF 888-526-1687


Web Wise: Updated IU Benefits Video

University Human Resources' web-based video for IU's employee benefits program is being updated for 2012 with availability in February. Of particular interest to medical plan participants are the following:

The video provides a high level of service and detailed information about these benefit plans and programs:





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