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Indiana University High School (IUHS) Tuition Waiver

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Kathryn is earning her high school diploma while studying ballet during the day and performing at night.
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IUHS is a virtual high school that provides individual courses as well as a fully accredited high school diploma through distance learning. IUHS is accredited through the North Central Association and accepted for college admission by Indiana University and Big Ten schools, as well as many other universities nationally.

IUHS can be used by adults as an alternative to a GED education, by parents home schooling their children, as a supplement to regular high school programs, and by faculty or staff who wish their children to complete a domestic high school degree while overseas.

Benefit Amount

The benefit provides a 25 percent waiver of course tuition for eligible employees and their dependents who enroll in courses offered through IUHS.


Same as eligibility for IU classes.


Enrollment must be completed before registration for IUHS classes in order to receive the waiver. The waiver cannot be applied to courses after registration has taken place. IU Tuition Benefit forms cannot be used for this benefit.

After verification of eligibility, enrollment information will be provided to IUHS and the student may register for IUHS classes using the tuition waiver.


Questions about eligibility can be addressed to IU Human Resources.

812-856-1234 or

Questions about IUHS program information, tuition charges, billing, and the waiver should be directed to IUHS.

812-855-2292 or 800-334-1011 (toll free) or

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IUHS Tuition Waiver (PDF)

To complete and submit the PDF form eletronically, download it to your computer first.

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