Types of Care

Same-day, Call-ahead Appointments

All participating clinics provide same-day, call-ahead appointments for IU plan members who are sick or need care. Plan members can call a clinic of their choice to be scheduled in an open appointment spot (clinics may refer to the visit as “acute care” for the treatment of a routine illness or injury).

Walk-in Care

Walk-in clinics provide care without an appointment for routine illnesses or injury. These clinics offer some extended hours into the evening and weekend, and often provide lab and X-ray services.

Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics treat patients who have a more complex injury or illness that requires immediate care but is not serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency department. These clinics offer extended hours into the evening and weekend and often provide lab and X-ray services.

Emergency Room Care

Available 24-hours a day, emergency room care is intended for life and limb threatening injuries.  Never hesitate to use emergency care, or dial 911, when facing a health emergency.

New Patient Appointments

Also called an “establishing” appointment, these are longer sessions with the provider of the plan member’s choice. The goal is to get a basic assessment of current health needs and medical history, transfer any needed records and begin to establish an ongoing relationship.