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Out-of-State and Overseas Coverage

Anthem PPO Plans

(including the GME PPO, GA PPO, and Fellowship Recipient PPO Plans)

Anthem BlueCard Worldwide Program

With the BlueCard Worldwide Program, Anthem members can access care outside their Plan area with no additional paperwork or out-of-pocket expenses.

Members can access benefits when living or traveling outside Anthem states by following these easy procedures:

  1. Find a provider: Use the BlueCard Find a Doctor or Hospital link at www.bcbs.com, or call the Anthem Member Services number on your ID card.
  2. Call Anthem Member Services to verify coverage: call the number on the back of the ID card to obtain precertification for certain services.
  3. Visit a provider and present a Blue Cross and Blue Shield ID card: The Anthem ID card contains a three-letter alpha prefix specifically for each account's members. Indiana University's prefix is CAN for all plans, except Fellowship Recipients. Fellowship Recipients should use YRP. The provider verifies benefits and eligibility with a call to the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's BlueCard office. The provider then electronically files the claim with Anthem through the local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.
  4. Receive an EOB: Anthem processes the claim. The provider is reimbursed and the member receives an Anthem EOB.

International Claims

In cases where medical services are received when traveling outside of the US from providers who are not part of the BlueCard Worldwide Program, members can submit claims to Anthem for reimbursement using the International Claim Form (PDF). Please keep all receipts from medical services received internationally and attach those to the claim form to submit to Anthem.

International claims are reimbursed at the in-network rate.  Receipts in other currencies and languages will be translated as part of the reimbursement process, and reimbursement will be based on the exchange rate on the date of the medical service.

IU Health HDHP Plan

The IU Health HDHP Plan offers coverage out of its area and overseas in cases of emergency and urgent care only.  Such care is paid in-network and reimbursed by submitting a paper claim form (PDF).