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Support Order

A court support order will allow you to make changes to your benefit plans outside of Open Enrollment. You must make the change within 30 days of the order and provide a copy of the court order showing the terms and date of the order.

To make changes to any of the plans listed immediately below, you will need to one request a Life Events change through the Employee Center and two complete online enrollment of your changes once your request is approved by HR. You must make the change within 30 days.

Note regarding an eligible child:
In order to add a child to IU benefit plans, the support order must be one that provides for a child to meet all IU eligibility requirements, including age, marital status, and financial dependency.

Dental plan

Medical plan

Tax Saver Benefit

(Consistency rule is satisfied if change corresponds with a Life Event Change that affects either eligibility for coverage under Plan or eligibility of expenses under applicable IRS regulations.)

You may also want to consider making changes to the plans listed below. Such changes empty do not require the submission of a Life Event Change and empty can be done at any time.

Change Beneficiaries on Retirement and Insurance plans
Change the beneficiaries on your base retirement and life insurance, as well as any other supplemental plans.