Divorce or Legal Separation

Following a divorce or annulment, you will be able to—and in certain cases, you must—make changes to benefit plans outside of Open Enrollment. You must make these changes within 30 days of the event.

Important Information

  • A copy of the divorce decree or legal separation document confirming the names of both parties, date of the divorce, and the judge’s stamp or signature will be required.
  • Plan changes made must be consistent with the terms of the divorce decree.

Medical and Dental Coverage

You must take the following actions:

  • Remove your former spouse and/or stepchildren from your IU plan (they are no longer eligible).

You may take the following actions:

  • If you are currently covered under your spouse's plan, enroll yourself and your children in the IU plan.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

You may take the following actions:

  • Add or drop coverage.
  • Increase or decrease the coverage level.

Tax Saver Benefit Plans

You may take the following actions:

Health Care:

  • Decrease election to account for expenses of removed family member(s).
  • Add coverage if the divorce causes loss of coverage under spouse’s plan.

Dependent Care:

  • Add or increase coverage if the divorce creates or increases need for dependent care.
  • Drop coverage if divorce decreases or eliminates the need for dependent care.

(Consistency rule is satisfied if change corresponds with a Life Event Change that affects either eligibility for coverage under Plan or eligibility of expenses under applicable IRS regulations.)

Additional Considerations

You may also want to consider making changes to the information/plans listed below. Such changes do not require a Life Event Change and can be done at any time.


Make Benefit Changes