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Dependent Becomes Ineligible

Age 26

When a dependent child reaches age 26, he or she is no longer eligible for most IU-sponsored dependent benefits, unless the child is fully disabled (see below). Since the university has an internal means of identifying when a child becomes ineligible, the university begins the termination of medical and dental coverage, and the COBRA offer, without notice from the employee.

Disabled Dependent Child

A fully disabled child who reaches age 26 must apply for disabled child eligibility in order to continue to be covered under most plans. If the child does not meet the disabled child requirements, the child’s medical and dental coverage will be discontinued and COBRA will be offered. If certified as fully disabled, the child continues to be eligible so long as the child’s disability continues and the child remains financially dependent on the employee. Periodically, the university will request recertification.

Note: The employee is always responsible for notifying the university within 30 days when a child stops being the employee’s dependent under the IRS support test.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

You may take the following actions:

  • Decrease the coverage level.

Tax Saver Benefit Plans

Health Care:

  • Decrease election if consistent with change.

Dependent Care:

  • Decrease election if consistent with change.
(Consistency rule is satisfied if change corresponds with a Life Event Change that affects either eligibility for coverage under Plan or eligibility of expenses under applicable IRS regulations.)


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