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Making Changes to PERF

The PERF Retirement Plan consists of two parts: a pension plan (a defined benefit provision) and an annuity savings account benefit (a defined contribution provision).

Change the Investment Allocation

Participants may invest their annuity savings account in one or more investment funds. The default investment is an age appropriate target retirement date fund.

  1. Review the information at the PERF Web site to learn more about your benefits.
  2. Change or review investment options:
    • Call PERF customer service center at 1-888-526-1687, or
    • Log onto www.in.gov/inprs to access your account

Change the Beneficiary Listed on the Account

Contact information for PERF

Indiana Public Employees Retirement System
1 North Capitol, Suite 001
Indianapolis, IN 46204
888-526-1687 (toll free)
(TDD) 317-233-4160


See the INPRS web site for PERF information and forms