HR Hiring Staff with no Existing University ID (New Hire)

Step 1.   If you did not find an existing employee record during your search/match and you are adding the employee to the system as a new hire, after following the instructions from the Search/Match user guide, follow the footpath below and select ADD to Add a New Value.

You should see the Hire: Personal Data screen.


Step 2. Use the following guidelines to enter data into the fields within the four section tabs of the Personal Data screen (change Effective Date, if necessary).   After completing your entries, click on the Job Data link, and proceed to Step 3.  

Personal Data Guidelines

1. Under name:

A)  Under Name, enter: (note this is case sensitive).

Note: Review the name to ensure that is the legal name of the employee.

B) Under benefits information, enter:

2. Click address:

A) Under home address, enter:

Note: Home Address is used in the HRMS Payroll module for employee taxation purposes.  It is analogous to the W2 Address in HRIS.

B) Mailing Address link:

Note: Mailing Address is an additional address choice for someone on leave for an interim period of time.

C) Email link:

Note: Campus email address will be updated automatically by University Information Technology Services (UITS). Email addresses of type ‘other’ will not be used in HRMS.

D) Click on the Phone link:

3.  Click personal profile, enter:

A) Gender

4. Click , enter:

A) Birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

Note: A four-digit year must entered; the system assumes the 21st century when only the last two digits are entered.

B) Birth Country

Note: This is no longer a required field – instead Citizenship Country is required – refer to Citizenship Status.

C) Under national ID, enter:

Note:  Social Security Number is required for Benefits and Payroll processing.  In the case of entering a temporary ID, when the permanent ID is added, it is expected that the Primary ID box should be R checked.

D)    Click on the USA flag at the bottom for additional data fields and enter:

Step 3. After completing the Personal Data section in Step 2, click on the Job Data link at the bottom of the Personal Data screen and the Job Data screen will appear.


Step 4.   Use the Job Data Guidelines to enter data into the designated section tabs within the Job Data section (change Effective Date, if necessary).

Job Data Guidelines

1. Under work location, enter:

Note:The Position Data Override box (below the Position Number) should remain blank.

2. HOURLY ONLY - Click job information, verify:

3. Click payroll :

Pay Group

Employee Type

BW1 for Staff Biweekly           

E (Excep Hrly – Exception Hourly)

S12 for Staff Monthly (12-pay)  

S (Salaried)

S10 for Staff Monthly (10-pay)     

S (Salaried)

Note:  The Employee Type must correspond with the Pay Group and will automatically be filled in according to the Pay Group.  If you have not selected the proper Employee Type, use the lookup menu to the right of the field to make the appropriate selection.


4. For :

Note: The value for Salary Administration Plan and Salary Grade will be filled in automatically as a result of information selected on previous pages.

5. Click compensation:

A) Under :






Staff Biweekly


Staff Biweekly (9-month appointment)


Staff Biweekly (10-month appointment)


Staff Monthly (10-month appointment)


Staff Monthly (12-month appointment)

NOTE:  Ensure that you choose the appropriate Compensation Frequency, as this directly affects the values in the Pay Rates box.  It will default in from the position.


B) Under pay components :

NOTE:  DO NOT fill in Annual Benefits Base Rate or any other fields.  The Frequency field will fill in automatically when the Rate Code is chosen.   

6. Click job funding distribution.

Refer to the Job Funding user guide to complete this tab.

Step 5. Click the Benefits Program Participation link and use the following guidelines to enter data into the section.


Benefits Program Participation Guidelines

1.   Click on the BAS Group ID magnifying glass, click lookup, and select the appropriate campus location.

2.   Enter the word “SUBSIDY” in all capital letters in the Elig Fld 3 if the employee has a salary below an established minimum annual amount (the amount changes each year, contact the University Benefits Office to confirm the qualifying amount), there is a subsidy for health care benefits.  To reflect that the employee is entitled to this subsidy, (note: this will be on the printed E-Doc). 

3.    Enter NOB in Elig Fld 6 if the employee is not eligible for benefits. (note: this will be on the printed E-Doc.).  All hourly employees EXCEPT for PERF hourly fit in this category.

Note:  For concurrent hourly employees, if the person already has an hourly PERF position and the new position (in this Hire process) belongs to a department in the same Responsibility Center (RC) as the Hourly PERF position, the new position must also be an hourly PERF position.

WARNING: Be sure that you click before you leave this section or you will lose all the data that you have entered.


Step 6.     After saving in the Benefits Program Participation section, follow the footpath below to the Identification Data screen and use the guidelines below to enter data into the section.


Identification Data Guidelines

1. Under citizenship/passport, complete the Country and Citizenship Status, using the lookups as needed.

2. Under Visa/Permit Data, complete the Country, Type (typically I-9), Effective Date, Status (typically Verified), and Status Date.  For Issue Place, use the two letter campus abbreviation.

WARNING: Be sure that you click before you leave this section or you will lose all the data that you have entered.

Step 7.   After saving in the Identification Data section, follow the footpath below to the Names screen and use the guidelines below to enter data into the section.


Names Guidelines

You MUST enter a Preferred name for every new hire. If the new hire does not specify a preferred name, enter the Primary name as the Preferred name.

1. Under name type:

The name type will default to the Primary Name, which is the name you entered in the Personal Data section.

2. Under name history, enter:

        • Prefix
        • First Name
        • Middle (Initial or Name)
        • Last Name
        • Suffix

A properly completed Names section should look like this:  


Step 8.   Click save to save the data into the HRMS database.  This will complete the Hire process.


Hire Workstudy

In the case of Hire Workstudy, refer to the process above for Hire with the following additions:

Short Name       (Long Name - FYI Only)

AYForProft           WS for Profit Agency (Academic Year)

AY Grad               Work Study Graduate (Academic Year)

AY State              Work Study State (Academic Year)

AYGCommSvc      WS Graduate Community Service (Academic Year)

AYComSvcMA      WS Comm Svc Math Tutor (Academic Year)

AYCommSvc        Work Study – Community Svc (Academic Year)

AY Ugrad             Work Study Undergraduate (Academic Year)

AYComSvcRd       WS Comm Svc Reading Tutor (Academic Year)

AYComSvc90       WS Community Svc – 90% (Academic Year)

FlRate Hrly           Flat Rate Hourly

SMForProft           WS for Profit Agency (Summer)

SM Grad              Work Study Graduate (Summer)

SM State             Work Study State (Summer)

SMG Comm Svc   WS Graduate Community Service (Summer)

SMComSvcMa       WS Comm Svc Math Tutor (Summer)

SMCommSvc         Work Study – Community Svc (Summer)

SMUgrad               Work Study Undergraduate (Summer)

SMComSvcRd        WS Comm Svc Reading Tutor (Summer)

SMComSvc90        WS Community Svc – 90% (Summer)


Hire Flat Rate Hourly

In the case of Hire Flat Rate Hourly (examples:  AmeriCore workers, Student Government leaders, et al), refer to the process above for Hire with the following differences to the Job Data and Employment Data Components:


Be sure to make note of the following information:

Additional optional information from the employee Personal Profile Form (PS) form sent to the campus office by the departments includes the following:

Emergency Contact Page

Note:  It is planned that this information will be entered through Employee Self Service at a future date.

Address History Page (Campus Address and Phone Number).  Enter only if this is different from the department's general mailing address.

Entry Field

Example of Entry

Address 1: (BldgCode, Room or Street Address – as appropriate)                                                      

 FH 204 or 1100 West 10th Street, Room 123

Address 2: (Dept)       


Address 3: (Campus) 



Education Level