Enrolling Employee in Automated Benefits

The following describes an alternative way to enroll an employee in Benefits.

Use the Select By Schedule to search for an employee in HRMS versus Data Entry By Participant:

Data Entry By Schedule enables rapid data entry. If you are processing a large volume of participants whom you are entering Benefits election data, such as Open Enrollment, this would be the search you would like to perform. Validation of the entered employee elections only takes place on demand, through a button.

1. After an employee has returned their Benefits Personal Enrollment form with their elections, the Campus HR Office logs into PeopleSoft and follow the footpath to Event/Participation Selection and selects Select by Schedule.

2. Enter a Schedule ID and Employee ID to begin entering options for an employee.

As soon as you enter an Employee ID or perform a lookup, the employee’s options will appear ready for you to enter the options.

Follow the above outlined steps to complete the enrollment process.


3. Click plus when completed.


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