Enrolling Employee in Automated Benefits

6e. Personal Accident Insurance

Plan type = 22

Option Code: Enter in the number the employee has entered as their option code under the Personal Accident Insurance section on the Personal Benefits Form.

Check the description to make sure you have enrolled the employee in the correct plan.

The employee does have the option to WAIVE this coverage. W – Waive Coverage should be entered as the Option Code if the employee chooses to waive.

Dependents/Beneficiaries: Not required, but if given the information make sure to attach the beneficiary here.

Percentage for distribution will need to be entered for each beneficiary listed from the Enrollment form. The totals for all beneficiaries must equal 100 percent. Do not enter Flat Amounts.

You can optionally indicate whether a beneficiary is primary or contingent. If the beneficiary is contingent (secondary to a primary beneficiary), select Contingent. If you set up a primary beneficiary to receive 100 percent of the benefit, all other beneficiaries must have Contingent selected. The amounts attributed to primary beneficiaries must add up to 100 percent; amounts attributed to contingent beneficiaries must also add up to 100 percent.


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