If you are seeking Design Consultation, estimated scope and/or probable costs, etc., you will be making a ‘Request For Service’ (RFS) with Capital Projects.  Requests for Services include: Design: architectural, engineering , landscape, interior  / furniture selection / audio visual / signage design; Construction: new or remodeled buildings and  / or spaces; renovation; repairs; remodeling; audio video and signage installation; landscape and furniture installation etc..

 All RFS requests, either Construction related design services, or Furniture-only design services, start here:


(The RFS system requires a user to be on IU network in order to access it.   If you experience the link “not going anywhere”, you may be on cellular/mobile or other non-IU network and won't be able to access it.  Please connect to IU Secure, IU VPN, or use an IU hardwired connection in order to access the page. )

If you have questions or issues, please contact Rhea Hollers at rhollers@indiana.edu to explain the procedure and assist in preparation of the form.