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Original Receipts

These receipts must accompany travel reimbursement requests.

Forms – photo copies are not acceptable.

Please note: Cash is not an acceptable means of payment for travel expenses unless an appropriate receipt can be provided.

  • Airline ticket stubs (passenger receipt) – receipts not required for tickets purchased through designated travel agencies or Orbitz for Business or for tickets prepaid by IU
  • Checked luggage – IU will reimburse up to 2 checked bags.
  • Hotel prepaid by IU via – attach confirmation email for per diem purposes
  • Hotel paid by traveler – original, itemized receipt required
  • Car Rental – Unable to accept pre-calculation or estimated receipt
  • Parking – if parking at the airport, travelers will be reimbursed for long term parking only
  • Taxi
  • Registration Fees
  • Train – cannot reimburse for sleeping accommodations; allowed one day en-route each way
  • Tolls
  • Bus Fares

Ticketless Travel Policies

IU requires original receipts for ticketless travel if not prepaid by IU or purchased through a designated travel agency or Orbitz for Business. Ask for a paid receipt at the time of booking or at the ticket counter. It is expected that every effort will be made to obtain a receipt whether it be before or after the fact.

If it is not possible to obtain a receipt, proof of payment and a statement that the fare was economy class is required. Acceptable proof of payment is a canceled check or a photocopy of a credit card statement. A claim made without the original receipt must be guaranteed with the traveler's and account manager's signatures on the travel management Exception to Policy Form (PDF).

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