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Receipt/Documentation Requirements

Receipt documentation for out of pocket travel expenditures must be uploaded electronically as a PDF file to the Chrome River expense report on which the expenses are being submitted. The electronic documentation is the equivalent of the original receipt documentation. The receipt documentation in Chrome River must not be submitted for any other reimbursement or disbursement.

Receipts must be itemized and include the following detail:

  • The vendor name (and location in some instances, such as lodging)
  • The date of the transaction
  • The amount of the transaction
  • The method of payment

The receipt documentation must also align with the nature or business purpose of the expense.

The following chart sets forth the university's receipt requirement for various expense categories:

Expense Receipt Requirement Details
Lodging Yes, regardless of amount Receipt must be itemized
Airfares Yes, regardless of amount Receipt must show airfare segments
Meals - Individual No, regardless of amount Expense paid as per diem
Meals - Student Group Travel Yes, regardless of amount Receipt must be itemized
Rental Vehicle Yes, regardless of amount Receipt must be itemized
All other Travel Expenses Yes, if $75 or greater
No, if under $75

Cash is not an acceptable means of payment for business travel expenses unless no other means of payment is available. If cash must be used, a receipt is required to substantiate the expense. Appropriate documentation for cash payments should include the vendor/payee name, the date of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, method of payment and should be signed by the payee attesting that payment was received.

If a sponsored research program has more restrictive receipt requirements, the more restrictive requirements will take precedence. The traveler should confirm receipt requirements with the Office of Research Administration or the sponsor prior to the trip.

Travel expenses charged through IU's Designated Travel Agencies or through Egencia typically do not require receipts unless a receipt is required by the department or if a grant account is being used to fund the trip. In some instances, the sponsored program may require a receipt for all expenditures, including those charged to IU and not paid out of pocket by the traveler. Be sure to confirm receipt requirements when traveling on grant funds.

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