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Additional Guidelines

  • If a person chooses to drive or travel by rail, the reimbursement for mileage or train passage may not exceed the cost of comparable 30-days advance purchase airfare rates.
  • Business travelers are allowed a maximum of two full days of paid travel time to and from their official business location - one day before and one day after. If their destination is a foreign location and their itinerary is more than two days of travel time, their itinerary would need to show that they were en route for more than two days in order to be reimbursed beyond the two day policy.
  • Checked Luggage Policy - The University will reimburse up to two checked bags for business travel provided the traveler submits an original receipt along with their reimbursement request. Checked bag fees for personal items such as golf clubs, skis, etc. will not be reimbursed. An Exception to Policy form will continue to be required for reimbursement of excess baggage fees. Please visit airline websites directly for baggage fee schedules and policies
  • Mileage for personal car transportation is paid from the employee’s work location or from the employee’s home; whichever is closer.
  • Airfare reimbursement for business travel is paid from the closest airport to the traveler’s official workstation.
  • Travel costs relating to emergency evacuation: When an IU business traveler is working “offsite” (location other than their official workstation or campus) and incurs travel expenses pertaining to emergency evacuation due to medical reasons or a natural disaster, the reimbursement claim will be reviewed by the Travel Management Services office as well as the fiscal officer of the reimbursement account to determine if the expenses can be reimbursed. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • IU travelers who work offsite and must return home for personal reasons: When an IU business traveler is working “offsite” (location other than their official work station or campus) and incurs travel expenses while returning home for personal reasons (such as attending a family member funeral, graduation or office holiday party), these expenses are considered personal in nature and therefore cannot be reimbursed from an IU account.
  • Claims for hospitality expenses cannot be processed as travel reimbursements.

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