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May 2010
Volume 1, Issue 6

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New Travel Policy

IRS regulations has prompted that the University put into place a new policy restricting the number of days that a traveler can be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. The policy is titled “Travel Reimbursement Deadline” and it is extremely important that all who travel on behalf of the University or are involved with initiating or approving travel documents become familiar with the policy and its contents.

The policy becomes effective on August 1, 2010, giving all travelers the opportunity to submit travel reimbursements that fall into this category without penalty.

This policy will also be applied to those who submit reimbursements for several trips between campus locations. In this case each trip's return date will be reviewed to determine if that particular trip falls into the dates of the policy.

Please read and become familiar with the entire policy -

Source: Lorelei Meeker, John Harner


Year End Reminders

As June 30th approaches Travel Management Services (TRMS) wishes to remind all travelers, arrangers and fiscal officers that the submission of documents to TRMS need to follow the dates detailed below.

  1. Submit to requests to cancel trips where an authorization has been processed and the trip was never taken. Cancelling authorizations for trips that were never taken will free up the money on the account that was specified on the authorization. To ensure that this cancellation is processed before June 30th, please send all requests by June 20, 2010.
  2. For those organizations that have not started using Travel@IU, it is important to mail all authorizations and/or reimbursements to TRMS by June 20th. This guarantees that the funds for the trip are reserved (authorization) or charged (reimbursement) in the proper fiscal year.
  3. For organizations that have started using Travel@IU not only does the authorization and/or reimbursement need to be initiated before June 30th but it also needs to be fully approved by that date as well. Please check your actionlists on a regular basis to guarantee that the trip is fully approved before June 30th.

Source: John Harner


Prepping Receipts

Last January Travel Management Services (TRMS) started scanning and attaching all receipts to Travel@IU electronic documents. TRMS has found that prepping the documents for scanning is extremely time consuming for TRMS. Because TRMS is initiating or approving nearly 3,800 reimbursements and supplements per month we are asking everyone to please prepare receipts for scanning before mailing.


  • Tape all small receipts to a 8-1/2" X 11" piece of paper. It is acceptable (and desireable) to fill a single sheet of paper with as many small receipts that will fit. A rule of thumb for defining a “small receipt” is any receipt that is smaller than 8-1/2" X 5-1/2".
  • Paper clip all receipts to either the paper reimbursement document or the coversheet that is generated in Travel@IU. DO NOT use a stapler.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Source: Tammy Bean


Back Button

Do not use the back button on your browser when navigating through Travel@IU. All documents and search results will display the appropriate buttons or links on the document to perform all the tasks that are needed. In fact, there are situations where the system provides its own back button which, of course, is suitable to use.

If you are in the middle of processing a document and the browser back button is used, the document may not process correctly. If this happens you will be asked to initiate a new document which will cause a delay with processing the authorization or reimbursement.

Source: Marilyn Kisters


Travel Management Services
Phone: 812-855-9353

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