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Indiana University Travel Newsletter
January 2010
Volume 1, Issue 5
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Travel@IU Update

Travel@IU is here! The first pilot groups will begin to use the system on January 7th and Travel Management Services will start to bring other pilot organizations on board in the coming weeks.

Due to the implementation, the Travel@IU link is now visible in OneStart on the Services tab to all faculty, staff and students. However, only faculty, staff and students in the pilot organizations will have the ability to access the system. Until your organization has been setup to use Travel@IU you will see the message "You do not have the appropriate privileges" if you select the link.

It is Travel Management Services' goal that Travel@IU will give travelers and/or their arranger the ability to initiate travel authorizations, prepayments, reimbursements and supplements and

  • be assured that the appropriate individuals will review and approve the documents
  • be assured that after the receipts have been associated with the reimbursement
    they will not be lost
  • be assured that trip reimbursements will be processed more accurately and timely
  • provide an efficient way to check the progress of reimbursements


Receipt imaging

Along with the implementation of Travel@IU, all reimbursements and supplements will need to have associating receipts scanned and stored with the documents. Travel Management Services will initially be taking on this task for the entire institution; however, in the very near future other campuses will be performing this task for their travelers. Until that time please send all the prepared receipts to Travel Management Services, Poplars 120, Bloomington Campus. While preparing the receipts please keep these 2 points in mind, not following these steps could cause a delay with processing the reimbursement.

  • each receipt should contain the department code request (for non-pilot groups) or the trip ID (for pilot groups)
  • small receipts (such as parking, tolls, etc) should be taped to a 8-1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. It is OK to put more than on receipt of the paper.

If your organization is in the pilot group, attach all the prepared receipts to the cover sheet, which is provided in the Travel@IU system after a reimbursement request is initiated. Instructions for preparing and attaching receipts are also provided when the reimbursement is processed.

If your organization is not in the pilot group, you will still need to prepare your receipts appropriately before sending them to Travel Management Services. Prepared receipts can be stapled or paper clipped to the reimbursement request form. Travel Management Services will begin scanning all receipts upon implementation of the Travel@IU system.


Mileage Rate Change

Beginning January 1, 2010 the mileage reimbursement rate decreased to $.50 per mile for the first 500 miles. For the next 501 to 3000 miles the rate will be calculated at $.25 per mile.


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