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September 2013
Volume 4, Issue 1

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Beware of Solicitation from Unauthorized Hotels and Housing Agencies

This activity is referred to as hotel poaching. It is carried out by third-party agencies representing themselves as affiliates of the conference/meeting host but in reality, they have no association with the event host. These unauthorized agencies contact individuals claiming to be representatives of the hosting organization. They will typically offer a lower hotel rate than the rates presented through the conference “block rate” but with rigid cancellation policies. As a way to “grab” the individuals, they often indicate that room blocks are “virtually sold out” so the traveler should book immediately.

Some known hotel poachers are:

  • Exhibition Housing Services (EHS)
  • Exhibition Housing
  • Exhibitor Services
  • Convention Housing (Convention-Housing)
  • Convention Housing Services
  • Global Housing Services

EHS offers a pre-paid hotel reservation service. Conference exhibitors and attendees should be careful when dealing with EHS as a booking fee is charged in addition to the hotel price. It also appears that any credit cards used to secure bookings will be immediately billed for 25% of the value of the booking. Once this booking has been confirmed, the credit card is billed for the full payment. EHS also operates very stringent cancellation policies.

Please beware of this hotel scam. These poachers do not have your best interest in mind. If your lodging expense is not being paid through the IU Hotels.com program, follow the host’s instructions for scheduling your lodging arrangements.


DV Payee Certification Form Required

With the conversion to KFS, the Disbursement Voucher (DV) coversheet for travel documents was updated and no longer includes a payee certification section. Therefore, a DV Payee Certification Form (PDF) is now required for all non-employee travel DVs. This form can be found on the Travel Forms page within the Resources section of the Travel website.

Please include the DV Payee Certification form along with the DV coversheet and any other supporting documentation. If the Payee Certification form is not included, the DV cannot be processed.


Travel Receipts: Reimbursement vs. Prepayment Documentation - Submission Process

After you travel, if you wish to send travel receipts for reimbursement electronically, you will send them to receipts@iu.edu. For more detailed instruction please see the Guide to E-Mailing Travel Receipts (PDF).

Please Note: This process is exclusively for reimbursement documents, therefore prepayment documentation should NOT be emailed to receipts@iu.edu.

Prepayment documentation can be sent one of three ways:

  • Scanned and emailed to travelbl@indiana.edu. Type “prepayment” in the subject line of the email. Please do not include the document number.
  • Faxed to 812-855-8866.
  • Mailed to Travel Management Services, Poplars Room 613, BL Campus.

Provide Your Trip Number When Making Prepaid Travel Arrangements

When making prepaid travel arrangements (lodging and air fare), be certain that you include the Trip ID on your reservation and not the Document ID.

Trip ID Example:

Trip ID

The Trip ID is also seen within the ‘View My Trips’ link.

Trip ID

Non-Travel Related Expenses

In the past certain nominal non-travel related expenses (e.g., copies, faxes, shipping, supplies, etc.) have been reimbursed through Travel. Effective immediately, only IU business travel expenses will be reimbursable through the Travel system. These items may still be considered reimbursable expenses, but will have to be reimbursed via an “Out of Pocket” Disbursement Voucher through KFS.


Orbitz for Business Hold Feature

There has been an exciting enhancement with our Orbitz for Business site. Effective immediately, you can put airline reservations on hold for 21 hours!

Your reservation will be held for 21 hours and you have the capability to cancel or book anytime during the hold period. If there are any changes with the flight (e.g., fare, times, etc.) you will be notified before you finalize the booking of your flight.

At the end of the 21 hour period, if no action is taken, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and released. Note that only the air portion of the trip will be cancelled at the expiration of the hold period. If you have booked any additional trip elements, those must be cancelled in the usual manner.

Please find more information about this Online Hold feature from Orbitz News (PDF).


Travel Management Services
Email: travelbl@indiana.edu
Phone: 812-855-2873

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