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The Speech Research Laboratory is a part of the Psychological and Brain Sciences department at Indiana University in Bloomington.
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All the progress reports are annual reports that summarize research activities on speech perception and spoken language processing carried out in the Speech Research Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Indiana University in Bloomington. Our main goal has been to summarize our accomplishments over the past years and make them readily available to granting agencies, sponsors and interested colleagues in the field. Some of the papers contained in this report are extended manuscripts that have been prepared for formal publication as journal articles or book chapters. Other papers are simply short reports of research presented at professional meetings during the past years or brief summaries of “on-going” research projects in the laboratory. From time to time, we also have included new information on instrumentation and software developments when we think this information would be of interest or help to others. We have found the sharing of this information to be very useful in facilitating research.

We are distributing progress reports of our research activities because of the ever increasing lag in journal publications and the resulting delay in the dissemination of new information and research findings in the field of spoken language processing. We are, of course, very interested in following the work of other colleagues who are carrying out research on speech perception and spoken language processing and we would be grateful if you and your colleagues would send us copies of recent reprints, preprints, and progress reports as they become available so that we can keep up with your latest findings. Please address all correspondence to:

Professor David B. Pisoni
Speech Research Laboratory
Department of Psychology
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405 – 1301
Phone:(812)855-1155, 855-1768

The information contained in the progress reports is freely available to the public and is not restricted in any way. The views expressed in these research reports are those of the individual authors and do not reflect the opinions of the granting agencies or sponsors of the specific research.

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