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Progress Report 29

Progress Report No. 29 (2009)
David B. Pisoni, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator ©2009 Indiana University
I. Extended Manuscripts Page Number Download
Executive Function, Cognitive Control and Sequence Learning in Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants David B. Pisoni, Christopher M. Conway, William Kronenberger, Shirley C. Henning and Esperanza M. Anaya 1
Implicit Sequence Learning in Hearing Children and Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants Christopher M. Conway, David B. Pisoni, Esperanza M. Anaya, Jennifer Karpicke, and Shirley C. Henning 24
The Role of Implicit Learning in Spoken Language Processing: Word Predictability is the Key Christopher M. Conway, Althea Bauernschmidt, Sean S. Huang, and David B. Pisoni 54
Combined Electric and Contralateral Acoustic Hearing for Speech Perception and Immediate Phonological Memory Marcia J. Hay-McCutcheon, Nathaniel R. Peterson and David B. Pisoni 88
Rule Reliability in Natural and Artificial Grammar: The Case of Velar Palatalization Vsevolod Kapatsinski 108
Some Links between Executive Function and Spoken Language Processing: Preliminary Findings using Self-Ordered Pointing and Missing Scan Tasks Esperanza M. Anaya, Christopher M. Conway and David B. Pisoni 130
Perception of Temporal Asynchrony in Audiovisual Phonological Fusion Melissa Troyer, Jeremy Loebach and David B. Pisoni 156
Error Analysis of Spoken Word Recognition Robert A. Felty, Adam Buchwald, and David B. Pisoni 183
Working Memory Training and Implicit Learning Althea Bauernschmidt, Christopher M. Conway and David B. Pisoni 197
Spoken Word Recognition Deficits in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Some Preliminary Findings Using a Sentence Repetition Task Lauren M. Grove, Vanessa Taler, and David B. Pisoni 216
Speech Perception and Production Elizabeth D. Casserly and David B. Pisoni 232
II. Short Reports and Work-in Progress Page Number Download
The Relationship Between Early Word Stress Discrimination and Later Lexical Development Danielle Elder, Carolyn Richie, and Derek M. Houston 255
Dynamic Modeling Approaches for Audiovisual Speech Perception and Multisensory Integration Nicholas Altieri 270
Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Conversations of Deaf Peers: Some Preliminary Findings Jessica Beer 286
Modularity in the Channel: A Response to Moreton (2008) Vsevolod Kapatsinski 297
Visual Recognition Memory in 5- and 8- Month-Old Infants and its Relation to Vocabulary Development Swapna Musunuru, Derek M. Houston and Sarah Pope 306
Infant Dialect Discrimination Jennifer Phan and Derek M. Houston 316
Visual Sequence Learning in Normal Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Infants: Finding an Early Predictor of Language Suzanne L. Field, Carissa L. Shafto, Derek M. Houston, Christopher M. Conway and Sara Tinter 330
Perceptual Similarity of Unfamiliar Regional Dialects: Some Preliminary Findings Terrin N. Tamati 343
III. Software Development Page Number Download
A Software-Based System for Synchronizing and Preprocessing Eye Movement Data in Preparation for Analysis Mohammad B. Afaneh, Visal Kith, and Tonya R. Bergeson 353
IV. Publications: 2008-2010 Page Number Download
IV. Publications: 2008-2010 354

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