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Progress Report 27

Progress Report No. 27 (2005)
David B. Pisoni, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator ©2005 Indiana University
I. Extended Manuscripts Page Number Download
Some Observations on Representations and Representational Specificity in Speech Perceptionand Spoken Word Recognition
David B. Pisoni and Susannah V. Levi
Modeling the Mental Lexicon as a Complex System: Some Preliminary Results Using Graph Theoretic Measures
Thomas M. Gruenenfelder and David B. Pisoni
Speaker-independent Factors Affecting the Perception of Foreign Accent in a Second Language
Susannah V. Levi, Stephen J. Winters and David B. Pisoni
Indexical and Linguistic Channels in Speech Perception: Some Effects of Voiceovers on Advertising Outcomes
Susannah V. Levi and David B. Pisoni
Spoken Word Recognition Development in Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Residual Hearing and Hearing Aid Use in the Opposite Ear
Rachael F. Holt and Karen I. Kirk
When and Why Feedback Matters in the Perceptual Learning of Visual Properties of Speech
Stephen J. Winters, Susannah V. Levi and David B. Pisoni
Sound Similarity Relations in the Mental Lexicon: Modeling the Lexicon as a Complex Network
Vsevolod Kapatsinski
Audiovisual Asynchrony Detection and Speech Perception in Normal Hearing Listeners and Hearing Impaired Listeners with Cochlear Implants
Marcia J. Hay-McCutcheon, David B. Pisoni and Kristopher K. Hunt
Nonword Repetition with Spectrally Reduced Speech: Some Developmental and Clinical Findings
Rose A. Burkholder, Susannah V. Levi, Caitlin M. Dillon and David B. Pisoni
Identification of Bilingual Talkers across Languages
Stephen J. Winters, Susannah V. Levi and David B. Pisoni
II. Short Reports and Work-in Progress Page Number Download
Lip-reading Skills in Bilinguals: Some Effects of L1 on Visual-only Language Identification
Rebecca E. Ronquest and Luis Hernandez
Cross-modal Priming of Auditory and Visual Lexical Information: A Pilot Study
Adam B. Buchwald and Stephen J. Winters
III. Publications: 2005 Page Number Download
III. Publications: 2005 233

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