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21st Jan 2014

Speech Research Lab Meeting – January 24 – Suyog Chandramouli

For this week’s SRL meeting a graduate student in our lab, Suyog Chandramouli, will be presenting a WIPI (Work-in-Progress) style presentation to discuss some new ideas about his project. Below is a brief synopsis and two readings to provide background for the discussion.

Download the two articles by clicking the following links:

WixtedRohrer1993JEPLMC- Proactive Interference and Dynamics of Free Recall

Wickens – Some Characteristics of Word Encoding

All are welcome to join.
Where: Psychology conference room #128
When: Friday, January 24, 1:30pm

“In this WIPI, I will talk about a release from proactive interference experiment that is being designed in the lab to study storage and
retrieval of speech information in memory.

The aim of the study is to obtain rankings of the relative importance of parameters of speech stimuli such as gender of talker, accents, etc. in aiding episodic memory performance, and to study how these ranks vary under conditions such as clear/processed speech, embedding in noise, etc.

Use of the release from proactive interference paradigm was pioneered by DD Wickens in the 60’s and 70’s to study coding processes in human memory. The design closely follows modifications of the PI-design by Gardiner (1972) and, John Wixted and Doug Rohrer (1993).

Studies may be conducted in the future with cochlear implant patients at different levels of expertise to glean the parameters salient to them in different listening conditions. With this knowledge, it might be possible to develop programs that would focus on training novice cochlear implant users to automatically pay attention to features important for encoding context so that they can better remember and recall information.

Attached is a short overview by Wickens of his research, and the paper by Wixted and Rohrer that will be discussed in the presentation.

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