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02nd Dec 2013

Speech Research Lab Meeting – December 6 – Dr. Benjamin Hornsby – cancelled

For this week’s SRL meeting we welcome Ben Hornsby, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Science at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Hornsby’s research focuses on 1) identifying and understanding the underlying mechanisms responsible for deficits in speech processing in adults and children with hearing loss, 2) understanding the factors responsible for the large variability in the psychosocial impact of hearing loss and benefit from rehabilitation and 3) the development and assessment of methods to minimize the perceptual and psychosocial consequences of hearing loss. His current work examines relationships between speech processing deficits, cognitive processing demands and listening-related fatigue in adults and children with hearing loss. For some background reading, download a copy of his recent paper,¬†Subjective Fatigue in Children with Hearing Loss: Some Preliminary Findings:¬†Hornsby_2013. The title and abstract for his talk are below, all are invited and welcome to attend.

When: Friday, December 6th, 1:30pm

Where: Psychology Room 128 (conference room behind front office)


Too Tired to Listen? Fatigue in Adults and Children with Hearing Loss

Subjective reports from the literature have suggested for many years that fatigue was an important, but overlooked, consequence of hearing loss. Consider this anecdotal report from a person with hearing loss: “I crashed. This letdown wasn’t the usual worn-out feeling after a long day. It was pure exhaustion, the deepest kind of fatigue. I took a nap hoping it would refresh me, but when I woke up three hours later I was still so tired I gave up on the day…. The only cause of my fatigue I could identify was the stress of struggling to understand what those around [me] were saying…” (Copithorne, 2006). Despite the serious consequences of fatigue, its relationship to hearing loss and speech processing remains largely unexplored. This presentation describes ongoing work in our laboratory using subjective and objective measures to explore the relationship between speech processing and mental fatigue in adults and children with hearing loss.

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