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05th Nov 2013

Speech Research Lab Meeting – November 8 – Thomas Redick

For this week’s SRL meeting we welcome Thomas Redick, Assistant Professor from Purdue University’s Department of Psychological Sciences (Cognitive Psychology). Dr. Redick’s research examines the role that individual differences in working memory capacity play in relation to attention control, fluid intelligence, and multitasking. Recently, his work has investigated whether higher-order cognition can be improved via brief cognitive training, along with evaluating the claims by other researchers and commercial programs that core competencies can be improved via working memory training. Also, his lab has done considerable work focusing on the valid and reliable measurement of individual differences in working memory capacity. Title and abstract are provided below, all are welcome and invited to attend.

Where: Psychology Conference Room 128

When: Friday, November 8, 2013 – 1:30-3pm


TITLE: What’s working in working memory training?

ABSTRACT: A growing number of research articles and commercial websites claim evidence that brief, computerized interventions can be used to improve one’s cognitive abilities. Despite claims that various forms of working memory training can improve memory, attention, and even intelligence, numerous questions remain about the efficacy of such programs. My talk will begin by briefly summarizing the working memory training literature. Then, I will present the results from two studies showing no evidence for transfer to fluid intelligence measures, and limited evidence for near transfer to other immediate memory tasks. I will end with a discussion of issues related to research design and individual differences in the efficacy of training.

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