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29th Apr 2008

Congratulations to our honor students

Two honor students working in the SRL, Althea Bauernschmidt and Melissa Troyer, recently defended their honors theses.

Audiovisual Phonological Fusion and Temporal Asynchrony
Melissa Troyer

In her thesis, Melissa investigated the perception and detection of timing asynchronies in a newly discovered phenomenon known as audiovisual phonological fusion (AVPF). In this type of fusion, visual information (e.g., back) combines with auditory information (e.g., lack) to create a fused percept (i.e., black).

Subjects were presented with stimuli that different in the amount of temporal offset ranging from 300 ms of auditory lead to 500 ms of visual lead and completed two tasks. In the asynchrony judgment task, subjects were asked to determine whether the auditory and visual portions of a stimulus occurred at the same time (“in sync”) or at different times (“out of sync”). The stimuli presented in both tasks were the same, but the ordering of the tasks was manipulated in order to see whether performing one task first would have an effect on the other task.


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