Papers on Central Eurasia

Formerly Papers on Inner Asia.

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Available Publications

  1. (41) Sam van Schaik, The Tibetan Chan Manuscripts: A Complete Descriptive Catalogue of Tibetan Chan Texts in the Dunhuang Manuscript Collections, 100 pp. 2014.
  2. Yuri Bregel, Documents from the Khanate of Khiva (17th-19th centuries), 118 pp. 2007.
  3. Alexey Yu. Retejum, Mongolia in Transition: Social, Economic and environmental Issues, 32 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2007.  Paper.
  4. W. Wood, A Collection of Tarkhan Yarlïqs from the Khanate of Khiva, 67 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2005. Paper.
  5. R. Sela, Ritual and Authority in Central Asia: The Khan’s Inauguration Ceremony, 79 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2003. Paper.
  6. J. Krueger, Ancient Oirat Books About Oriental Medicine, Tseren K. Korsunkiyev, Elista, Kalmyk Republic (Russia). Translated from Russian and edited by John R. Krueger, 33 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet. 2001. Paper.
  7. V. Trepavlov, The Formation and Early History of the Manghit Yurt, 55 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2001. Paper.
  8. Y. Bregel, The Administration of Bukhara Under the Manghits and Some Tashkent Manuscripts, 36 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2000. Paper.
  9. D. Prior, Patron, Party, Patrimony, Notes on the cultural history of the Kirghiz epic tradition, 46 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 2000. Paper.
  10. J. Michael Thurman, The “Command-Administrative System” in Cotton Farming in Uzbekistan 1920s to Present, 48 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1999. Paper.
  11. R. von Mende-Altayli, Die Beziehungen des Osmanischen Reiches Zu Kashghar und Seinem Herrscher Ya’qub Beg, 1873-1977, 110 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1999. Paper.
  12. C. Melville, The Fall of Amir Chupan and the Decline of the Ilkhanate, 1327-37: A decade of discord in Mongol Iran, 90 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1999. Paper.
  13. D. Wright, The Ambassadors Records: Eleventh-Century Reports of Sung Embassies to the Liao, 93 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet). 1998. Paper.
  14. Y. Bregel, Notes on the Study of Central Asia, 62 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1996. Paper.
  15. A. Frank, The Siberian Chronicles and the Taybughid Biys of Sibir’. 26 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1994. Paper.
  16. J. Paul, The State and the Military: The Samanid Case. 41 pp.(Subseries: Central Asia). 1994. Paper.
  17. N. DiCosmo, Reports from the Northwest: A Selection of Manchu Memorials from Kashgar (1806-1807). 97 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia, Manchuria, and Tibet). 1993. Paper.
  18. A Mukhtarov (Translated from Russian by R. D. McChesney with Nadia Jamal and Michael Lustig), BALKH in the Late Middle Ages. 110 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1993. Paper.
  19. A. Burton, Bukharan Trade 1558-1718. 117 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1993. Paper.
  20. D. DeWeese, An “Uvaysi” Sufi in Timurid Mawarannahr: Notes on Hagiography and the Taxonomy of Sanctity in the Religious History of Central Asia. 38 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1993. Paper.
  21. D. Honey, Stripping of Felt and Fur: An Essay on Nomadic Sinification. 39 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1992. Paper.
  22. I. Baldauf, ‘Kraevedenie’ and Uzbek National Consciousness. 31 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1992. Paper.
  23. C. Poujol, La Vie de Yaquv Samandar ou les revers du destin. 109 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1992. Paper.
  24. A. Bormanshinov, The Lamas of the Kalmyk People: The Don Kalmyk Lamas. 61 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia, Manchuria, and Tibet). 1991. Paper.
  25. J. During and S. Trebinjac, Introduction Au Muqam Ouigour. 58 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1991. Paper.
  26. S. Wadley, The Mixed-Language Verses From the Manchu Dynasty in China. 115 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia, Manchuria, and Tibet). 1991. Paper.
  27. D. Honey, The Rise of the Medieval Hsiung-Nu: The Biography of Liu-YÜan 99 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1991. Paper $6.50
  28. J. Woods, The Timurid Dynasty. 59 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1990. Paper.
  29. K. Chabros, La Nomadisation mongole: techniques et symbolique. 59 pp. (Subseries: Mongolia and Tibet). 1990. Paper.
  30. G. Imart, From “Roots” to “Great Expectations”: Kirghizia and Kazakhstan between the devil and the deep…green sea. 46 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1990. Paper.
  31. A Bodger, The Kazakhs and the Pugachev Uprising in Russia 1773-1775. 42 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1988. Paper.
  32. J. Gardiner-Garden, Herodotos’ Contemporaries on Skythian Geography and Ethnography. 37 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1988. Paper.
  33. J. Gardiner-Garden, Greek Conceptions on Inner Asian Geography and Ethnography from Ephoros to Eratosthenes. 57 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1988. Paper.
  34. Hu Zhen-hua, and G. Imart, Fu-Yu Girgis: A tentative description of the easternmost Turkic language. 61 pp. (Subseries: Altaic Linguistics). 1988. Paper.
  35. E. Jacobson, Burial Ritual, Gender and Status in South Siberia in the Late Bronze-Early Iron Age. 26 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1988. Paper.
  36. J. Gardiner-Garden, Ktesias on early Central Asian history and ethnography. 39 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1987. Paper.
  37. G. Imart, Islamic and Slavic fundamentalism: foes or allies? 42 pp. (Subseries: Central Asia). 1987. Paper.
  38. R. Dankoff, The Turkic vocabulary in the Farhang-i Zafan-guya. 43 pp. (Subseries: Altaic Linguistics). 1987. Paper.
  39. J. Gardiner-Garden, Apollodoros of Artemita and the Central Asian Skythians. 60 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1987. Paper.
  40. A. K. Narain, On the “first” Indo-Europeans, the Tokharan-Yuezhi and their Chinese homeland. 28 pp. (Subseries: Ancient Inner Asia). 1987. Paper.
  41. G. Imart, The Limits of Inner Asia. 100 pp. (Subseries: General). 1987. Paper.
  42. PAPERS ON INNER ASIA SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT [No. 1] Historical Central Asia Maps (11 maps from the 9th to the 19th Century prepared by Yuri Bregel) in either loose leaf set in sturdy portfolio or in a tape-bound set. 2000. $13.95