Bregel Lectures

November 12, 2014: Allen J. Frank (Independent Scholar) “Muslim Cultural Decline in Imperial Russia: A Manufactured Crisis”

November 8, 2013: Nicola Di Cosmo (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University) “The Pax Mongolica Reconsidered: Venice, the Golden Horde, and the Fourteenth-Century Crisis

November 14, 2012: Jo-Ann Gross (College of New Jersey) “Mir Hasan Khamush: Narrative Traditions and the Construction of Sacred Genealogy in Badakhshan”

October 26, 2011: Beatrice Manz (Tufts University) “Ulugh Beg and Transoxiana: How Much do the Sources Actually Tell Us?”

November 10, 2010: Peter B. Golden (Rutgers University) “History and Historical Memory in the Pre-Chinggisid Turkic World”

November 11, 2009: John Woods (University of Chicago) “Framing the Timurid Aristocratic Order”

November 1, 2007: Maria Subtelny (University of Toronto) “Timurid Custom and Chinggisid Law: Continuity and Innovation”

March 29, 2006: Charles Melville (Pembroke College, Cambridge University) “Creating an Image of Chinggis Khan”